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Year 2 At Camp Seafarer

Got back yesterday after a weekend with my daughter at Camp Seafarer for the YMCA Y Princesses Spring Outing.  This was the second year attending with my oldest daughter.  Next week, I get to go back down there with my youngest for her first year.  Even with the lack of sleep, we still had a […]

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Canyon Bakehouse Bread

We do not try and review too many breads these days as our girls like to stick with some favorites like Udi’s and Rudi’s.  My mother-in-law makes bread for the girls from time to time as well.  We did find a new one to try recently at Earth Fare. Canyon Bakehouse (http://canyonglutenfree.com/) makes a variety […]

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Siggi’s Yogurt

Thankfully yogurt seems to be one thing, across the board, not containing gluten.  You do need to watch out for the ones that contain wheat or oats, or come with the little ‘mix’ with various candies and grains, but overall, you can find a lot of gf brands pretty much anywhere. On a recent Target […]

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PopChips–Sweet Potato

You never expect to find gluten free snacks when scouring After Christmas sales, but that is exactly what happened to us while looking for Christmas bargains recently at Target.  We stopped to just check on wrapping paper, bows, and LIGHTS (call me Clark Griswold) a few days after Christmas.  Surprisingly, we found lots of things, […]

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Snyder’s Pretzels–Snack Sized

Over the years, we have watched more and more snacks come gluten free.  A few years ago, we started seeing brands like Glutino offer gluten free pretzels.  Of course the next logical step for the gf brands was to sell pretzels in different flavors like chocolate covered.  Then we saw the national brands like Snyder’s […]

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Angie’s Holidrizzle Popcorn

Oh, the holidays.  Lots of yummy things that no one needs to eat, but that we still do anyway!  Kettle corn drizzled white chocolate and peppermint?  Sure!  Even better, gluten free! We recently found Angie’s Holidrizzle Kettle Corn in a nice display at Harris Teeter.  This was about a day or so after Halloween, so […]

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Utz Snow Balls

The Utz brand of snacks does a great job in labeling their products.  They also do a nice job ‘holidayzing’ their products.  At Halloween, they had individually wrapped (and themed) trick or trick bags of cheese balls.  In the past, they have had snow balls, white cheese balls, in a jar.  This year, we found […]

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Happy Gluten Free Halloween!

We are now rapidly entering that time of year when you cannot go anywhere without seeing seasonally related candy, snacks, and other food.  Tonight our Celiac children will go out into the night and return with mounds and mounds (and, hey, even Mounds or Almond Joy) of candy.  Hopefully you, like us, implement the ‘no […]

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Angry Bird Fruit Snacks

We love to see new products and companies finally moving toward better labeling of gluten free products.  We recently stopped at the Wake Forest Wal*Mart and found Angry Bird fruit snacks.  You can see how they clearly label the box.  We had no chance of NOT bringing these home, as, even with the Angry Bird […]

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Lucy’s Cookies to Go

Who can say no to cookies?  Especially cookies in individually wrapped (3 in a pack) packs?  You had me at cookie! So we found Lucy’s cookies awhile ago at Whole Foods, and while we like the cookies, we really did not purchase them too often.  While shopping at BJs recently, that changed, as we found […]

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