What Have We Been Talking About?

Only a few weeks since we began posting, but it is interesting to see our topics. The image below, created by using Wordle.net, shows the most common words in all the posts. Interesting look at what we discuss.

Gluten Free Wordle

Gluten Free Wordle

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A Good Hamburger and Fries…

Red Robin and their gluten-free menu

Red Robin and their gluten-free menu

We went to Red Robin in Wake Forest today.  This was not the first trip, but the first since both our girls were diagnosed with Celiac.  On a previous visit, we just brought food for our oldest.  Since then, we discovered that Red Robin provides an ample gluten-free menu, including their ‘bottomless fries,’ sans seasoning of course.  Also, on their website (http://www.redrobin.com/food/allergens.aspx), they provide an extensive gluten-free menu, including their burgers, salads, beverages, and more.  What we like about the menu is that is lists a menu item, and what you will need to remove for it to qualify as gluten-free.  For instance, they show the Mighty Caesar Salad, and list no croutons and blackened chicken, but show what you can subsitute (grilled chicken and salmon).

Of course, like many restaurants and food items, on the front of the .pdf menu, it clearly states they cannot guarantee your food will not come in contact with allergens, which is becoming more and more standard.

However, our visit, early for lunch; around 11:30, showed how knowledgable their entire staff was about Celiac and the need for total gluten-free dining.  When we arrived, we asked the waitress for the gf menu.  She went to print it out for us and let us keep the copy.  After that, as we sat near the kitchen area, we heard a few employees state ‘allergy order,’ obviously to alert all to pay close attention to this order.  Our girls then received their large bucket o’ bottomless fries each and a plain hamburger patty.  With our youngest a ketchup junky, we were pleased to see Heinz ketchup as a choice.  When another employee brought out more fries, he made sure to alert us they were ‘seasoned’ fries and not ones for the girls.  Just some little things that made us definitely want to return to Red Robin again.  For those with older children, you can definitely find more options for your children, but, like ours, they will certainly enjoy the fries!

Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones

Gluten Free Cones!

Gluten Free Cones!

While you can find gluten free ice cream in most supermarkets, nothing says summer like an ice cream cone to hold that ice cream.  Until recently, Celiac sufferers only could eat their ice cream out of a bowl. While you can find gluten free ice cream in most supermarkets, nothing says summer like an ice cream cone to hold that ice cream.  Until recently, Celiac sufferers only could eat their ice cream out of a bowl.

Our girls recently tried Let’s Do Organic’s gluten free cones, along with their dad.  LDO makes many gluten-free items, including gluten-free gummi bears.  While browsing at Harmony Farms Natural Foods (corner of Millbrook and Creedmoor-click here for the Google Map), we came across their gluten free cake cones.  At their website, they offer many types of cones, some gf and some not, so make sure the box clearly says gluten free, as the one in this picture does.

Now for a quick review.  My first surprise was in opening the box.  Two rows of 6 cones each–12 cones.  When you lift the box, it feels very light.  Another surprise–none of the cones were broken.  That boded well for ice cream to be added to the cone.  We used Edy’s chocolate and Caramel Delight, both gf.  After eating the top ice cream, and reaching the cone, we all were surprised at the taste.  It tasted like a regular cone!  And my youngest daughter just loved the cone!  A nice crunch and good, cake taste.  A great find! I since discovered some other brands are available, and we look forward to trying each of them this summer!

Let’s Do Organic website

Raleigh Cel-Kids Google Map

Something always handy is a good map, especially one that lists gluten-free resources.  So many great sites are out there, but few list all the resources on a map.  With that, Raleigh Cel-Kids will begin to inventory all the great gluten-free stores, restaurants, and attractions to one place.  You will soon see the link to our map on the right of this blog.  Please feel free to add your own, by emailing them for now, and eventually it will be more interactive.  Just another need we see that can be filled.

You can find the map here:

Raleigh Cel-Kids Google Map

In the map below, you can click on any of the pushpins and see information, get directions, and more. That is just some of the functionality you can get from Google Maps. When you click the Google Maps link, you can discover even more.

Here is a taste of the map:
View Gluten Free in Raleigh in a larger map

GF At Steak ‘n Shake

Steak n Shake logo

Steak 'n Shake logo

We continue to look for more gluten-free take out and eat out options.  Especially with summer here, we are looking for fast food and cool summer treats.  We may have found a winner with Steak ‘n Shake.  Steak n’ Shake has two locations in North Raleigh.  One at the corner of Millbrook and Capital, in the parking lot outside of PetSmart and Target.  The other is in Wake Forest, in the shopping center by O’Charleys, Discount Tire, and Wal-Mart.  Since we need to have tires rotated at Discount Tire this week, my husband decided to bring home lunch from Steak ‘n Shake.  We always receive coupons in the ‘town mailings’ each week, so we checked out their website for gluten-free options.

Low and behold–they have a complete gf downloadable .pdf menu!  You can find it here: http://www.steaknshake.com/nutritional_info/GlutenFreeFoodList.pdf (this is a .pdf document, so it will prompt you to save the document).

On the menu, we see many of the typical things, such as ‘while the fries are gluten free, they may be fried with onion rings, chicken nuggets, and other things containing gluten,’ but that’s alright–we want MILKSHAKES!  And I am happy to say that they have *many* gf options for milkshakes.  They have the typical shakes containing cookie pieces, which are off limits, but the menu lists their Classic Milk Shakes, Sippable Sundaes, and Bits n Pieces Milk Shakes (peanut butter cup and M&M) as gluten-free.  Others such as the Orange Freeze, Root Beer Float, Fruit ‘n Frozen Yogurt Milk Shake, and Side-by-Side Milk Shakes are all listed as gluten free as well.  Their menu lists many other things, burgers and chicken without buns, bacon, and a nice variety of chilis and salads.  Many list one or two ingredients as having gluten, such as honey walnuts, but these are great options.

So we will definitely enjoy a summer’s treat this week and will report back on the taste of the milkshakes!

Here at the Raleigh Cel-Kids site, we will also begin utilizing a Google Map where we will list restaurants, stores, and attractions in Raleigh where we provide reviews for.  Feel free to ‘favorite’ the map and share with others.  You can find it here:

Raleigh Cel-Kids Google Map

Blue Ribbon Desserts—Gluten Free Options


A new option for gluten-free take out and deliveries is available, Blue Ribbon Desserts. Proprietor Marti May, an adult-diagnosed Celiac, provides various gluten-free and dairy-free desserts through her online shop. Enjoy various treats such as haystacks (GF pretzels covered in peanut butter, butterscotch, or white chocolate), key lime pie with Macadamia nut crust, chocolate fudge tarts, and sugar cookies. Then you can also see a variety of brownies and cakes, including ‘Create your own cake’ where you can choose your cake, filling, and frosting options, and they will even add a special inscription. What a great idea for a birthday party!

To order, visit the Blue Ribbon website, http://www.brdesserts.com, specific gluten-free, and call at least 48 hours in advance at 919.676.1112. All orders are baked special, so please make sure you provide enough lead time. On orders of $50.00 or more, they will deliver free to Raleigh, Cary, and Apex. Fees are charged for smaller orders. This fall they will begin to ship some of their menu.

The Raleigh Cel Kids group will try to secure some samples at an upcoming event. If any of you try any of these items, please share a review with us!

Information from Trevor at Bella Monica…

Thanks so much for coming to our Raleigh Cel-Kids pizza party on Sunday! We asked Trevor the best way to get the word out about Bella Monica flatbread pizzas and the restaurant, here is what he suggested:

The best thing everyone can do is to jump on www.glutenfreeraleigh.blogspot.com and drop off some reviews of the product and mentions of the restaurant as well. The same reviews can be left on our facebook.com group – keyword bella monica – as well as on the guest book section of www.bellamonica.com

Dropping some stuff into Celiac.com’s GF product section helps too!


Lastly, buying the pizzas always helps the cause but that probably goes w/o saying.

If you enjoyed the pizzas, please comment and support the company. We need these businesses to support our group and use our feedback to continue to create tasty gluten-free products. Also, our group relies on donations and it was certainly generous of Corbett and Trevor to open Bella Monica restaurant on Sunday just for Cel-Kids.

Thanks, look forward to seeing you all again!


A GF Pizza Party!

Bella Monica now offers Gluten Free pizzas.

Bella Monica now offers Gluten Free pizzas.

What a wonderful time our Raleigh Cel Kids group shared this past Sunday.  Bella Monica (http://www.bellamonica.com/) hosted approximately 30 parents and their children at their Edwards Mill location.  A large thanks to Trevor Chambers and their chef staff for sharing a large sampling of pizzas with us.  Trevor also shared with us information on the Bella Monica Flatbread Company, which produces gluten-free pizzas for grocery stores.  In the Greater Raleigh area, you can find their pizzas at Whole Foods (Durham WF coming soon!) and Harmony Farms at Creedmoor and Millbrook in North Raleigh.