Just a nice simple title for so difficult a subject in the world of gluten-free eating.  While I think we all can agree that food labeling has gotten much better in the past few years, it still, at times, leaves a lot to be desired.  Case in point: Yougurt Raisins from SunMaid.  Well, trying my best to be a good dad, I agreed to a purchase of yogurt raisins with my two girls the other day.

Here is the typical ‘Dad thought process’:

  • Well, raisins are good, just dried up grapes…check!
  • Yogurt.  Girls eat yogurt, not the YoBaby cereal kind, but plain is fine…check!
  • Yogurt raisins…check!
Raisin side label

Raisin side label

Even looking at the packaging does not help much.  Short of an ‘occasional peanut or tree nut’ this looks fine.  But is it?  After I discussed it with my wife, she shared that a few years ago, when our oldest was diagnosed, we stopped purchasing yogurt raisins, as they were not on the approved gf list.  While labeling has gotten much better, in this case, we’re stuck.  Do we go ahead, and wait to see if the girls show symptoms?  Do we avoid them, even though they may be alright?  That is the dilemma we all face, each day.  Labeling will continue to improve, we have seen huge gains even in the past two years.  A great strategy that we keep in mind though, is always taking a mobile phone with internet access along.  We complete plenty of ‘in-store’ Google searches!

How do you cope with labels?  Use the comments section to share.

Free Gluten Free Bread Baking eBook

You have ONE day to download a free Jules gluten free bread book. We received this in the Raleigh Cel-Kids email, and wanted to pass it on to you:

A special offer – between now and August 10th get a FREE Bread Baking e-Book (a $9.95 value – see coupon code below).

Is there anything you miss more than bread?!  Warm, moist, hearty bread?  Because of the tremendous response we hear from people on how much they love Jules Gluten Free™ breads,we created a special gluten-free bread baking e-Book that shares Jules’ baking advice, includes a handy question & answer section, and five simple, sure-to-please recipes…for bread machines or for ovens.

As a special offer to support groups, we’re offering a coupon to get this new e-booklet for free ($9.95 value) between now and August 10th.  Simply click on this link and enter coupon code breadbook (case sensitive) at checkout to get your free copy.

We downloaded the eBook, and were pleased with what we saw.  Like most on a gluten-free diet, bread is the one area we struggle with.  While some loaves do taste better than the ‘brick’ loaves, those are few and far between.  In Jules’ eBook, she recommends some breadmakers, then provides some great tips in the actual making of bread.  One such tip, using a spoon to fill the measuring cup instead of scooping with the cup is one I will definitely try.  Then at the end, she provides a few recipes for various breads, including one made with popcorn flour and one for making breadsticks.

Free Betty Crocker GF Mix!

Two types of free to this great offer. Gluten-free cake mixes that are monetarily free! Can’t beat that two-fer! Thanks to the blog Be Free For Me (http://www.befreeforme.com), you can call an 800 number and receive a coupon for one free cake mix.  Great news for us in Raleigh, as I can confirm they can be found at Lowes’ Foods and Krogers (I have a picture of them on the bottom of a shelf at the Wakefield Kroger!).   Others posted that they found them at the Cary Harris Teeter.  The offer does sound like it will end soon, so get dialing!