Celiac Diet Talk At Duke

Pat Burger shared an upcoming talk by Lesley Stanford at Duke for those on a gluten free diet. You can register by clicking on the link below.

Celiac Disease: New Diet Options
Date: Tuesday Jan. 19, 2010
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Organization: Teer House
Description: Learn what’s new with the diet and how to tailor it to your needs.
Contact: 919-416-DUKE (919-416-3853) or 1-888-ASK-DUKE (1-888-275-3853)
Registration status: Registration Open
Speaker: Lesley Stanford, MS, RD, CSP
Location: Teer House
Address: 4019 N. Roxboro Road Durham, NC 27704
Phone: 919-477-2644

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Hope you are all enjoying some gluten-free turkey, fixins, and pumpkin pie!  We are definitely thankful for all the great web resources and knowledgeable people here in the Triangle that help make Celiac Disease for our girls very manageable.

We found a special recipe to make with your children for Thanksgiving or anytime through the holiday season in the December Parents’ Magazine.

You take 2 lbs of sweet potatoes, 2 Tbs olive oil, sea salt, 1 cup low-fat Greek yogurt (GF, of course), and 1 Tbs. of honey.

After you peal and slice the sweet potatoes into ‘cookie’ width, you can use cookie cutters to punch out shapes.  We used stars to celebrate what we were thankful for, but any shape will work.

Toss the potatoes with oil, and then place on a cookie sheet with sea salt.

Bake for 30 minutes, until tender.

For a yummy dip, pour yogurt and honey in a bowl and whip them together.

Dip away!

Thanksgiving Information

We recently received some information regarding Butterball and Private Selection (Kroger)  turkeys.  We always wonder about which turkey may be gluten free, and then when some have the gravy packet included or other seasoning, does that void the gluten-free status.  Lots of questions, but here are two answers:

I wanted to let you know that we just discovered some exciting gluten-free news that your support group might like to know for Thanksgiving: Butterball turkey now offers gluten-free gravy mixes with a bunch of their turkeys! (It’s new, though, so it’s not available on every turkey. Check the labels and look for ones with rice flour instead of wheat flour.).  We think it’s neat because it turns “gluten-free going mainstream” on its head. Instead of having specialty gluten-free options (like Betty Crocker mixes) alongside “regular” gluten-full options, Butterball is making the GF gravy packet THE default option on some of their turkeys. Only time will tell if they continue this option, but if we all let them know how excited the community is, it can’t hurt!  Our wonderful blogger, Tiffany, uncovered this story. And we are super-excited about it, and thought you might be too. The full story is here (just in time for Thanksgiving!): http://www.triumphdining.com/blog/gluten-free/2009/11/butterball-now-offers-gluten-free-gravy/.  Meanwhile, here’s Butterball’s number if you want to do some investigating on your own, 1-800-BUTTERBALL.

Kind regards,

Megan & the rest of the team at Triumph Dining

Thanks to Megan for that update. Then we received an email reply from Inter American, with the status of their Private Selection turkeys.  Kroger’s carries this brand, and advertised many sales on them recently, so I bet many of us will have one of these turkeys in our oven Thursday.  Good to also see they are gluten free as well.

Thank you for contacting Inter American.  All of our Private Selection turkeys are gluten free.
If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact us again.


Jennifer Diggs
Consumer Affairs

USA Today Supplement on Celiac Disease

Great USA Today Insert with Celiac Information

Great USA Today Insert with Celiac Information

The USA Today recently shared an insert all about Celiac Disease.  You can download the insert free here:


This continues to bring attention to Celiac and resources to us, regardless of whether we are newly diagnosed or ‘veteran’ sufferers.  This particular insert includes information on Celiac Disease, self-diagnosis (of which they of course say to follow up with a doctor), how to go gluten-free, holidays, and many more stories.  I think this would be a great resource for hospitals and doctors’ offices to hand out to newly diagnosed patients.  I also think support groups could definitely use this information for their groups as well. A lot has changed in the world of Celiac and gluten-free eating for us personally, after our oldest was diagnosed about three years ago.  At that time, we definitely had the ‘deer in the headlights’ look, not sure what to do next, where to buy food, etc.  I think since things have improved in stores, we all tend to forget those initial weeks and months, so this handout will go a long way to help ‘newbies’ and us ‘veterans.’

A big thanks to Jane Roberts and Pat Berger for passing this information on!

Follow Up From Ferrara Pan

Yummy, Old School, GF Candy!

Yummy, Old School, GF Candy!

Got to love when we find a wide variety of gluten free food. This one is exciting, as this company produces a wide-variety of candy. Received this email when inquiring as to which Ferrara Pan candies were gluten free:

Ferrara products contain only Corn Gluten. Ferrara products contain no
wheat, oats, rye or barley. Below are gluten free candies.

-All Gummies Ferrara or Black Forest
-All Jellies (Gum Drops, Orange Slices, etc…)
-All the Headlines (Lemonhead, Applehead, Grapehead, etc…)
-All Jujus
-All Jelly Beans
-All Fruit Snacks
-Sour Jacks
-Cherry Sours
-Boston Baked Beans
-Atomic Fireballs
-Fruit Cocktails
-Jawbreakers (Jawbusters)
-Red Hots
-Chewy Lemonhead & Friends
-Chewy Atomic Fireballs
-Chewy Tropical Lemonheads & Friends
-Chocolate covered (Raisins, Peanuts, and Almonds)
-Starlight Mints Peppermint & Spearmint & Chocolate Mints
-Butterscotch, Cinnamon, Assorted Fruit Discs
-Root Beer Barrels
-Lemon Drops
-Butter Toffee
-Bug City Tarts

~Tristine Lampham
Ferrara QA.

Low Bone Density and Celiac

While moving to a totally gluten-free diet makes living with Celiac Disease very healthy, we all should be aware of some underlying side effects from that gluten free diet.  Zach, from the Gluten Free Raleigh blog recently discussed his bouts with Osteopenia, or low bone density (http://glutenfreeraleigh.blogspot.com/2009/11/renewed-motivation-to-strictly-follow.html).   We recently received an email from one of the parents in our group.  Through some health problems with her daughter, she discovered an underlying condition from a gluten free diet.  We all need to definitely take this into consideration and be on the look out for these signs.

Dear Parents of Children with Celiac,
I wanted to pass along some information about my child who has celiac.  Although she had strictly maintained the gluten free diet she still had a chronic low bone density problem. We were completely unaware of this until Dr. Karen Loechner, a specialist at UNC, ordered a dexa scan.

We are very thankful that this “silent” chronic problem was discovered so we could over time correct our daughter’s bone density.  Some years ago her first test results came back showing “an osteopenic disorder placing the patient at a greater risk for fracture with a value reading that was 2.8 standard deviations below the mean level”.  By following a treatment plan of taking calcium two times a day and taking Fosamax for a short time, (after a spine compression fracture showed in an x-ray), we were able to strengthen her bones to within the normal density range. I believe it’s important to note that our daughter’s low bone density was symptomless even in the case of the compression fracture.

If we had not know about this problem our daughter would have struggle her whole adult life with osteopenia/osteoporosis.  Thankfully this didn’t happen.

I know that every case is unique but I’m sending this note to make you aware of what happen to us because our daughter may not be the only celiac who still has some absorption problems even though she maintains a strict gluten free diet.

I often tell this story when I’m with other moms with celiac children but I’m prompted to write today because at my daughter’s appointment yesterday I heard that the Bone Clinic at UNC maybe phased out.  I’m asking for help from this community because I’ve heard that if there is enough interest the Bone Clinic may not close.

If you have an interest in having your child’s bone density tested you can call UNC Pediatric Endocrinology – 966-4435, when the recording comes on enter “0” (zero) for Linda.  Tell her you would like to make an appointment, (for your child with celiac disease), with the Bone Clinic to make sure your child’s bone density is normal.  Dr. Loechner has been very helpful to us and you may want to ask for her.

Mary, mother of a Celiac

I think after seeing these two cases, we should heed Mary’s call to action and possibly look into the bone density tests for our children or ourselves if we suffer from Celiac Disease.  Especially those of us with younger children, as this is a good proactive step to take in monitoring our children’s health.  Thanks to Zach and Mary for sharing this very important information with us!

Custom Made Gluten Free Cereal

Make Your Own GF Cereal Online!

Make Your Own GF Cereal Online!

Short of Rice Chex and the Envirokids cereals, many choices do not exist for people on the gluten free diet. Recently I came across a website where you can make your own custom made cereals with a variety of flakes, fruits, and nuts. Shortly after that, we received an email from Hajo, who runs CustomChoiceCereal.com, a gluten-free cereal making business headquartered in Durham. Hajo, in the email below, discusses his business and offers a 15% discount on their cereals through December 31st for our Raleigh CelKids group.

I am aware of the difficulties families with celiacs and especially celiac children have finding a variety of tasty, safe, gluten-free cereal. To alleviate this problem, I recently founded a company that allows the customization of individual cereal mixes using an online platform that can be found at www.customchoicecereal.com. The customization process is fun and intuitive and therefore especially interesting for children.

If users can’t decide which ingredients to include in their mix, they can take a quiz on Facebook to determine their “cereal personality” by clicking on the following link: http://apps.facebook.com/quizmaker/quiz.php?quizid=50828&fromresult=1&auth_token=e7952258e392ec2a84efbd33b1f93cd6. Custom Choice Cereal is also on facebook (www.facebook.com/customchoicecereal) and updates its blog on a daily basis (www.customchoicecereal.com/blog).

As a local company based in Durham, I would greatly appreciate it if you could mention Custom Choice Cereal during the Parents’ Night Out on November 11th and/or post about the company on your blog. I would like to offer a 15% discount on all orders placed until December 31st, 2009. To redeem this discount, please use the coupon code “raleighcelkids” during checkout.

Many thanks and have a great weekend,

Custom Choice Cereal, LLC
“Gluten-free cereal mixed in a dedicated facility!”

So the girls and I just finished up making our two mixes…cinnamon granola and corn flakes with blueberries.  Check back soon with our reviews!  I do also want to point out that half the fun in this is making the cereal, but then also you get to name your own cereal!  We definitely came up with a couple creative names.  You can find more about naming on their Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/customchoicecereal?ref=ts

And don’t forget the 15% discount through December 31st.  Maybe a fun Christmas project!!


Gluten Free Fries Here!

Gluten Free Fries Here!

One of our favorite places to go when travelling is Chick-Fil-A.  When we travel north, the Chick-Fil-A in Fredericksburg, Virginia marks about the halfway point in our travels to Pennsylvania.  Besides the great indoor playground, the girls can actually eat the fries there!  When it comes down to it, most restaurant fries would be gluten free by default.  What ends up making most unsafe is where the fries are fried.  If a restaurant cooks their fries with the chicken nuggets, for instance, the fries become contaminated due to the breading on the nuggets.  Same with chicken patties and other deep fried things.  What makes Chick-Fil-A different is the fact they fry their fries in dedicated fryers.  So in other words, only the french fries go in the grease, and not other possible contaminates.

Besides the fries, Chick-Fil-A lists a variety of other items a gluten-free diner could order.  That list, (http://www.chick-fil-a.com/#gluten), includes their chargrilled chicken patty (sans bun of course!), chicken salad, tortilla chips, the fries, and some breakfast items.  Does not look like their yummy milkshakes are gluten free at this time.  For that, we’ll just stop at McDonalds!
To find a listing of the Chick-Fil-As in the Raleigh area, visit our Gluten Free Google Map at: Gluten Free Raleigh Google Map.

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Cooking Class

Jules Shepard Cooking Class

Jules Shepard Cooking Class

Zach at Gluten Free Raleigh (http://glutenfreeraleigh.blogspot.com)  is promoting a great opportunity for you to prepare a gluten free Thanksgiving meal.  The class will occur at the Brier Creek Earth Fare *this* Sunday, 11/15/09 from 2pm – 4:30pm.  You can find directions to this location by clicking on the shopping basket at our Raleigh Cel Kids Google Map here.

To sign up for the class, provided by Jules Shephard, click here (http://www.julesglutenfree.com/)

Christmas Products Are Out!

Well, most stores started putting up Christmas decorations and pulling out Christmas items, so we figured we can begin providing gluten free holiday items to look for!  I want to first start with candy canes.  While not personally a large fan, I know many people do like them, especially kids, so I sought to find a gluten free brand.  In thinking of a candy cane, I would think the cane itself would be gluten free, but since they receive individual wrapping, I worried that wheat flour would be used to keep them from sticking.  Although, in my travels to Wal-Mart, sure enough, Spangler Brand Candy Canes are GLUTEN FREE.  After shopping, I check their website.  Besides some good information, a VERY easy to read and interpret graph showing all allergens.  Would this honestly be too much to ask from all manufacturers?  It would make our lives so easy!


Spangler's Website Allergen Chart-Why can't every company make it this easy?

Spangler's Website Allergen Chart-Why can't every company make it this easy?