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Our Cel-Kids QR Code

Have you noticed any of these bar-code looking things in advertisements, in stores, or in magazines?  They are QR codes, which contain a web address.  Instead of trying to type or remember an entire web address, you take a picture with your camera (using some app like Google Googles) and it will take you to the address.

We created one for the Raleigh Cel-Kids so you can take a picture and have our address on your phones.  We use a couple sites when we are out shopping or at a restaurant, so these definitely help.

Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks

Glutino Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks

Now You Can Get GF Pretzel Sticks

For so long, the missing component of snacktime were gluten free pretzels.  Glutino erased that by offering their pretzel braids (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=317).  Of course the nice thing with them was just finding pretzels at WalMart, Kroger, and regular grocery stores.  The price was steep, but for two different sizes, it provides a good product.

Recently Glutino started offering a GF pretzel stick.  They possess the same taste, which we like, even compared to regular pretzels.  Both the girls like them as well.  We recently put them out as hours d’oeuvre, with some Pub Cheese, and our guests could not tell the difference.  That is definitely the sign of a good gf snack!

Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

Another Gluten Free Snack!

Another Gluten Free Snack!

Another purchase from Trader Joe’s: chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  An interesting tasting treat, salty and sweet at the same time, but the girls loved them.  Like all gluten free snacks from Trader Joe’s, these were clearly marked as gluten free.

Not something to snack on all the time, but this is good for a quick snack, car ride, maybe even in school lunches.  We tried these as an ice cream topping as well.  Pretty versatile treat.

Trader Joe Powerberries

Trader Joe's PowerBerries

PowerBerries from Trader Joe--Full of Gluten Free Power!

Went on another trip to Trader Joe’s recently.  Stocked up on some nuts and snacks.  If you like almonds, you need to stop by.  The plain, unsalted almonds in a bag are the freshest you can find anywhere!  This time we also picked up Powerberries.  I see much about the powers of Acai berries every time I check my mail (spam!), but regardless of any special nutritional value, these dark chocolate candies with multiple berries are just plain good!  Another good treat for car trips, snacks, school, and just anytime!

Pace Salsa

Pace Salsa

Pace Salsa, Clearly Gluten Free

You can assume salsa would be gluten free, since you just use tomatoes, onions, and some other veggies in it, but many also include known gluten items such as vinegar and other items.  Luckily, many salsas do come as gluten free, and Pace clearly marks their labels as gluten free.

With salsa, you can definitely use it creatively.  Besides of just a chip dip, we marinade chicken with it, put it on enchiladas, in our GF Trader Joe tacos, and in many other dishes.  Quite versatile, taking the place of many gluten-filled marinades and sauces.  And you can find it in most traditional grocery stores.

We Found GF Bisquick

Gluten Free Bisquick

Time for GF Pancakes!

After hearing rumors of its existence here in the Triangle, and checking every possible Wal*Mart, Kroger, and Target, we finally found gluten-free Bisquick at the Wal*Mart in Brier Creek (out near the airport on US 70).

We did not yet make pancakes, waffles, biscuits, or anything, but plan to and review them soon.  Looks like the secret to good pancakes, according to Zach at Gluten Free Raleigh Blog (http://glutenfreeraleigh.blogspot.com/2010/10/bisquick-gluten-free-product-giveaway.html) is:

The next time I left them on the griddle longer but the same result.  Finally at the third attempt, I made the pancakes much thinner and turned down the temperature and viola, done all the way through to perfection.

We will be trying them for breakfast soon!

Popular Characters Meet Gluten Free Snacks

GF Fruit Snacks

Popular Characters--GF Style

I know, I know, fruit snacks are not really that healthy.  They probably do not contain any fruit or minimal fruit.  But when we can send Spider Man or Dora to school in our girls’ lunches, or they can pick something up on the shelves in the regular stores, that means a lot.  We so appreciate Betty Crocker, General Mills, and other big food manufacturers producing mainstream, gluten free products.  When at Wal*Mart recently, we found these ones, clearly marked gluten free, adding them to Scooby Doo, Boo Berry, and Franken Berry types of fruit snacks.

Cinnamon Rolls

Rosie's Cinnamon Rolls

Rosie's Cinnamon Rolls--Ready to Cook!

Our other purchase at Rosie’s Plate recently was their cinnamon rolls.  We heard how great they were, and we can agree…a yummy, gooey, sugary mess!  You buy them in a container of four.  After putting them in the oven to cook, we all sat down to a roll and a large glass of milk.  The consistency matched that of a Cinnabon or other cinnamon roll, with lots of cinnamon throughout.  They carmelized to that liquid sugary mess that you need to lick off your fingers.  Delicious!  Another must try at Rosie’s!

Rosie’s Chicken Quesadillas

Rosie's Quesadillas

Rosie's Plate Quesadillas

We recently took the girls Downtown (Raleigh) for the George Washington exhibit at the NC Museum of History.  The Saturday we went, it also turned out to be Colonial Family Day, with lots of crafts, games, and information for the kids.  A fun outing for us.  Anytime we make it Downtown, we like to stop at Rosie’s Plate (click for the Raleigh Cel-Kids Google Map) to see what we can pick up.  Rosie’s is a gluten free (and other allergens free) store with great baked goods.  I had not stopped in quite awhile, and since I last stopped, my wife shared their cold case and other products.  We found lots of yummy items, cinnamon rolls as well (which we will review later), and decided to take home the Chicken Quesadillas with Salsa for our girls’ lunch.

What a surprise!  The girls LOVED them.  Often, they like their usual hot dogs (Hebrew National–GF!) or Bunny Noodles (Anne’s GF).  We were quite surprised they liked these, and even DIPPED in the salsa.  You receive a full quesadilla in the container, and our girls took no time to eat the entire thing.  My wife and I got a small bite, and we definitely enjoyed them as well.  Another great option for us now for our picky eaters!

Scary Fruit Roll Ups!

Scary Fruit Roll Ups

Boo Berry and Franken Berry Fruit Roll Ups

You know we are better off when we can find gluten free seasonal items. When cruising the aisles at the Wake Forest Wal Mart this week, I found Boo Berry and Franken Berry Fruit Roll Ups.  I grew up on Boo Berry and Franken Berry cereals.  While the cereals are off limits (contain wheat), the girls can enjoy these Fruit Roll Ups.  Also a great lunch addition or quick snack.  And what about Trick or Treating?  You may want to consider a couple of these to swap out on Halloween with gluten candy your Celiac may receive.