Mike and Ike Christmas Medley

Mike and Ike

A Gluten Free Christmas Medley from Mike and Ike

Yes, we definitely like our candy.  Thankfully, much of it is gluten free, and you can see much of it clearly labeled as such!
We recently reviewed Marshmellow Peeps, and now it’s time for Mike and Ike.  This year you can find a Holiday Medley of red and green Mike and Ike.  More gluten free Christmas spirit!
Just Born, the parent company of Peeps and Mike and Ikes, (http://www.justborn.com/get-to-know-us/faqs#Are your candies gluten-free?) do a nice job of explaining gluten, none of which you will find in their products.  A great company that provides good information!

Nature Valley’s GF Bars

Nature Valley

Some Nature Valley's Bars are Now Gluten Free!

Finally!  Nature Valley, maker of all the snack bars, granola bars, and other things, have some gluten free offerings!  I caution you that not all of their bars are gluten free.  When you see the selection at the grocery store, you see Nature Valley has many different varieties of bars.  The good thing though, is they label the gluten free ones clearly.

We really were waiting for something like this, a quick, individually packaged snack bar to slip in for school lunches, travelling, or just quick snacks.  Our girls like these, even though the bar itself is a little harder and brittler than the traditional Nature Valley bars.  A good find bringing more variety to school lunches and snack time.

Thanksgiving Turkey


Gobble Gobble, Gluten Free Turkey From Honeysuckle

Did you see the great sale at Kroger last week?  With a $25 purchase, you could get a Honeysuckle turkey for $0.39 a pound.  Great deal!  Especially since Honeysuckle is THE brand of gluten free turkey, and they clearly label it that way.  Other turkeys contain wheat in their mixes/dressings, but Honeysuckle, our favorite anyway, is gluten free.

Hope you all look back and are thankful for all the great gluten free options out there.   As a group, we Celiacs have made large strides.  We have great awareness, as we see large companies like Betty Crocker offering many gluten free options.  Restaurants provide gluten free menus.  You can go into basic grocery stores and buy so many different items.  As a Raleigh Support Group, Cel-Kids have posted over 200 posts since beginning in 2008.  We hold bimonthly support meetings, which, speaking only for my daughters, they will remember forever.  Lots to be thankful this holiday season…

More Florida Natural’s

Florida Natural's

Florida Natural's Fruit Stixs

We continue to seek out good snacks for car trips, school lunches, and for travel.  Awhile back, we found real fruit nuggets by Florida Natural’s at Walgreens (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=florida+natural).  We purchased them a few times, but never found them again.  Recently at Target in Raleigh (by the TTC Mall), we found both Stiks and Nuggets.  Great snacks, as I guess they have some fruit content (more on the side of fruit snacks/candy though), so we do not feel too bad giving them to our girls.  We packed some up for the Raleigh Christmas Parade recently, and even the adults enjoyed them!  They do a nice job clearly marking the boxes gluten free.

Fruit Nuggets

Nuggets, Gluten Free As Well

Marshmellow Peeps

Marshmellow Peeps

The Christmas Tree Peeps Are Here!

You know the holidays are truly here when the Marshmellow Peeps hit the shelves.  We love Peeps, and their parent company Just Born (also makers of Mike and Ikes) because of their great labeling.  As you can see in the picture and also at their website (http://www.justborn.com/get-to-know-us/faqs#Are your candies gluten-free?), all of their products are gluten free.  They do a good job explaining it on their website:

The modified food starch that we use in our jelly bean type candies is corn starch.  We are in the process of updating our package labels to reflect products that are gluten free.  This information pertains to all Just Born candies that we make and package at our two manufacturing locations (Bethlehem, PA and Philadelphia, PA) and are in their original packaging.

A great way to celebrate the season!  Now, we just have to decide if you are the type to leave them ‘fresh’ or open them and let them get hard!

Peeps Box

New Peeps Labeling: Gluten Free!

Time for Christmas Candy!

Who is the kid here?  Our family loves to stroll down the Christmas aisles at the stores, looking at the Christmas Lights, trimmings, and of course, the CANDY!  Especially since so many of the candies do not contain gluten.  We will begin reviewing some of the candy here over the next few weeks.  We will start with some of our favorites including Peeps and Tootsie Rolls.

As always, especially when looking at older blog posts and websites, check with individual manufacturers to make sure their products are still gluten free.  Here are a few of our favorites from the past:

Gluten Free Candy List

Spangler Candy (candy canes, etc)

Nature’s Own


Lots of GF Bread Options!

Celiacs can definitely appreciate more and more work being done to make the traditional loaf of bread better.  Most take that for granted, but bread is the most versatile medium to make for lunches, snacks, even breakfast.  So many companies continue to try and mass-market bread.  We recently reviewed both Udi’s and Rudi’s, great loaves available at Earth Fare and Whole Foods.  We tried the mixes, where we make them at home.  Another favorite of our girls is the Tapioca Loaf, which we can find at Krogers.

What is missing is a loaf that we can get in any supermarket, anywhere we may be at.  Nature’s Own, the regular bread maker, looks to rectify this.  They are currently testing a Gluten Free loaf in Krogers and Super Targets in the Atlanta area.  Their plans are to make the bread available where ever you find Nature’s Own regular breads, which we can get in our areas!  Find more information here: http://naturesownbread.com/NAT_Varieties/variety.cfm?categoryid=160/&productid=726, and please let us know when you spot Nature’s own in Raleigh!  Another large success for the Celiac community, drawing even more attention to Celiac Disease and gluten-free eating!

Image from the ginger lemon girl blog: http://gingerlemongirl.blogspot.com/


High Tea at Harmony Farms

Harmony Farms

High Tea at Harmony Farms

The next Raleigh Cel-Kids event will feature a Parents-Only High Tea at Harmony Farms (directions here).  The event will focus on answering parent questions about Celiac and eating gluten-free.  The cost per person is $10, which will allow you to sample a variety of teas, gluten-free sweets, and other snacks.  Participates also enjoy a 10% shopping discount on gluten-free items in the Harmony Farms store.  The event will be on December 11th from 3:00-5:00 pm.  Please email raleigh.celkids(at)gmail.com or visit the Facebook page (here) to RSVP.  Looking forward to seeing many of our parents!

You can visit Harmony Farms’ website here: http://www.harmony-farms.net/

Previous Raleigh Cel-Kids Posts on Harmony Farms: http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?tag=harmonyfarms

Rudi’s Gluten Free Bread

Rudi's Bread

Rudi's Gluten Free Bread

So we tried the infamous Udi’s bread, and the girls enjoyed it. Out of all the bread we tried so far, that was the one that most closely resembled the taste, texture, and weight of regular wheat bread.  So we were quite excited to also find Rudi’s recently at Earth Fare (Cel-Kids Google Map link)  It looks very similar and tastes similar as well.  We found the Udi’s at Whole Foods, so we liked the option of finding fresh loaves at both stores.  Our girls like both breads, much better than other breads out there.  We even like it!

Rudi’s at Earth Fare.  Udi’s at Whole Food.  Lots of yummy sandwiches to make our Celiacs!

Dad’s Gluten Free Pizza

We receive many trials/coupons for gluten free items in our inbox.  Obviously, we would disclose this so that everyone knows that ahead of time.  We still provide our honest opinions of a product, whether we purchase it full price, receive a discount, or receive it free.  We do not always follow up on the offers that come through, but we do want to share another pizza crust offer.

Dad's Gluten Free

Dad's Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Dad’s Gluten Free Pizza (http://www.glutenfreepizza.com/) sent us an email offer to receive a $2.00 discount off their $7.99 pizza crust through November 30th.  You can also receive free shipping when buying 10 crusts.

Dad’s Pizza Crusts come from Idaho, partially baked, so they do not need to be frozen.  We are beginning to see more and more of these types of crusts (Rustic Crust review http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=893).  Definitely nice to see more competition to an ever increasing area.  We plan to purchase one of these this month and will share the results.