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About five years ago, when we started to think our oldest daughter may just have Celiac, we did not know what to do.  The landscape has changed drastically since then, but you did not hear much of Celiac.  We completed the blood test, which came back positive.  At that moment, we did not know what to do next.  Go on to the endoscopy to prove it without doubt?  Go ahead and start a gluten-free diet to see if things improved, even though we may always wonder if the diagnosis was definite?  We went ahead with the endoscopy to conclusively know she did suffer from Celiac Disease.

A few years later when our other daughter started to show symptoms, we went ahead and did the blood test, which came back positive.  Knowing her sister’s background with Celiac, we did not go forward with the endoscopy…just started a gluten-free diet, which quickly improved her condition.

We recently found a website and newsletter (http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/CdC_Newsletter_0112_v4-link.pdf) that updates us on the status of Celiac diagnosis.  It sounds like maybe you can complete additional tests:

For a child at risk for celiac disease
because of a close relative with celiac or a
related condition such as Down syndrome,
Type 1 Diabetes, or short stature:
1. This child should have the gene test to
determine if he carries the gene for celiac
2. If so, he should have the tissue transglutaminase antibody (TTG-IgA) test and
total serum IgA test;
3. If the result is greater than three times
normal, he should be referred for a biopsy.
If the result is positive but less than three
times normal, he should:
4. Have the endomysial antibody (EMA)
test. If that comes back positive, the child
should be referred for a biopsy. If negative,
there needs to be further investigation,
while the child stays on a normal diet.

So maybe some changes to help more quickly identify those with Celiac and get them on the right track.  Definitely good for all of us to stay current on all the work going on in this field.

Whole Foods Tour Recap Coming Soon

Using a Sausage Machine to Make GF Pie Crusts

Using a Sausage Machine to Make GF Pie Crusts

Last Thursday night a nice sized group from the Raleigh Cel-Kids and the Raleigh Adult Celiac Support group received very special tours of Whole Foods’ Gluten Free Bakehouse.  A large thanks to Lee Tobin and his staff for all the yummy samples and the tour.  Definitely a dedicated group!  We will share more in upcoming updates!

Fruit Nuggets

Fruit NuggetsD

GF Fruit Nuggets

Florida’s Natural makes a lot of yummy snacks.  We reviewed some in the past here:

Now we recently found Berrilicious Nuggets at Target.  As the other nuggets show, these were very clearly marked gluten free.  I like their motto, ‘Our First Ingredient is Fruit’ as well.  While not as healthy as some plain fruits and vegetables, you can probably feel alright providing these to your children.

Fruit Crisps

Fruit Crisps

Freeze Dried GF Fruit

Who, with school aged children, does not like to find quick, individually packaged, semi-healthy snacks to throw in a lunchbox or pack when travelling?

On a recent trip to BJs, we found another great item, meeting all those criteria–Fruit Crisps.  The box comes in 6 single serve bags full of semi-dried fruit.  More like a corn crisp though, in texture, but definitely lots of fruit flavor.  Stash those in the lunchbox, or in the cooler, and you will not feel too guilty at all!

Food for Life Tortillas

brown rice tortillas

More Gluten Free Tortillas

We recently found and tried Food For Life’s Brown Rice Tortillas.  You can find them at your local Whole Foods, we found them at the North Raleigh Whole Foods.

Definitely a trend in gluten free tortillas and taco shells.  As a family, we real try, now with the girls older, to only cook one pot or one meal that we all eat.  Seeing more options like these tortillas definitely help.  We made chicken tacos with our first batch.  Easy to prepare–just put them in the microwave with a damp paper towel covering them, add a few seconds, and voila, a nice, warm, soft tortilla.  They stand up to lots of fixins’ as well–I piled mine with salsa, rolled it up, and another good meal as a family!

Valentine Fruit Snacks

Valentine Fruit Snacks

GF Treats from Cupid

Valentine’s Day approaches, so what special treats can you share with your Celiac child(ren)?  How about what can they give for their Valentine’s treat, if you do that?  Well, no worries, Betty Crocker has your back.  Like last year, you can find Valentine fruit snacks, worthy of Valentine distribution, at a variety of stores.  We found the big box at BJs.  And sure enough, like all the Betty Crocker gluten free items, they clearly print ‘gluten-free’ on the box.


More Options for Gluten Free Soup

Gluten Free Soup

GF Chicken Noodle--Finally!

How nice to be able to find canned soup.  Yes, we make our own with gluten free noodles, but we would so appreciate finding cans of soup that you just need to throw on the range and heat up.  But…have no fear…there are options now:

-Christine shared on Facebook gf soup she recently found at Target  (see link below)

-we found Gluten Free Cafe soup at Kroger.  If you remember, Gluten Free Cafe makes a line of frozen dinners that you can also find at Whole Foods and Kroger.  We tried the chicken noodle, and I must say, tasted pretty good.

Nothing beats a good bowl of soup on a cold day, so we now have a gluten free soup.  Now, here in Raleigh, we just need a cold day!!


Sheetz Yogurt

Sheetz Yogurt

Sheetz Yogurt--Gluten Free!

We possess the discount/loyalty card for Sheetz which gets us $0.03 off a gallon of gas on every fill up.  Sheetz also gives something away monthly to cardholders.  One month it may be a candy bar, then a brick of coffee, and a soda.  Recently the monthly giveaway was their yogurt.  It comes in many flavors including vanilla and peach, but the best thing is they clearly mark it as gluten free.

You can find many Sheetz in the Triangle, and also up I-95 going Northbound, all throughout Virginia and Pennsylvania as well.  So if you travel North by car, you can definitely find some things for a Celiac in Sheetz.  They might even be free!

Bhuja Peanuts

Bhuja Peanuts

Pretty Spicy, GF Peanuts

Looking for a little bit of kick for a gluten free snack?  We recently found Bhuja Seasoned Peanuts at the North Raleigh Whole Foods.  Pretty tasty, but definitely spicy–our girls tried one and that was all they wanted!

Up in the corner they clearly are marked gluten free.  Another good snack, bringing more variety to the gluten free snack arena.  Find them in multiple flavors.

Gluten Free Cookbooks

Gluten Free Bible

Lots of Recipes!Recipes from the Magazine Aisle

My sister in Pennsylvania found and picked up a Gluten-free cookbook for us over Christmas.  I also found a small one in the Louisburg Wal*Mart checkout line over the Holidays as well.  Both have a variety of recipes new to us that we have tried already.

In the Gluten-Free Recipes, we found a great recipe for Gingerbread–not the hard, cookie type, but a soft, moist bread.  VERY tasty for all.  Also included is a sour cream cranberry coffee cake, apple crepe, asiago garlic rolls, and many, many tasty recipes.  Check out your Wal*Mart checkout lines to see if you can find it!

My sister did a good job finding our other new cookbook, The Gluten-Free Bible.  Although she tried to peel off the tag, I can see it came from Ollie’s.  She lives up in Pennsylvania, but you can find Ollie’s in Cary.  Click here for the Raleigh Cel-Kids Google Map.  This nice sized cookbook, or Bible, if you will contains a TON of great information.  It begins with a great recap of Celiac, what it is, what is being done, then moves on to shopping for Celiacs, creating baking mixes, and includes information on how to store these things and not cross-contaminate.  I can definitely see this being a GREAT tool/gift for the newly diagnosed Celiac.  And then the bulk of the book contains another good variety of recipes.  Like an apple and raisin oven pancake.  Or a strawberry shortcake  with the flour blend it shows how to make.  And the one we want to try–cinnamon scones.  Lots of variety!