Marilyn’s Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips

Marylyn's GF Tortilla Chips

So the Home Goods store (click here for Google Maps) may not be the first place that comes to mind for gluten free products.  Or the second, or third, or twenty, but you can find MANY gf items there.  We happened to stop there recently and just were shocked at the variety of items.  We will review them in the next few blog posts.

One thing we found is Marilyn’s Tortilla chips.  You can find information here, but Marilyn’s produces a variety of snacks including chips, salsa, popcorn, and different tortilla chips.  According to their website, you can also find Marilyn’s products at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  Interesting…

Angry Birds Fruit Snacks

Angry Birds

These Angry Birds are Gluten Free!

Yup, the Angry Birds continue to get overexposed.  They really need to find themselves a new agent.  No worries for us though, especially since their new gummies are clearly marked gluten free!  So many of these fruit snacks come gluten free these days, that we definitely find many choices.  We found these at Sheetz, but then a few days later we found them at Rite Aid as well.

Nature Valley

Nature Valley Fruit Twists

A Foot Of Gluten Free Goodness!

Awhile back we reviewed Nature Valley’s gluten free nut bars (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=nature+valley).  I will caution you to make sure you check the box well–only ONE type of NV bar is gluten free.  Anyway, my youngest loves them.  She can’t get enough!  While at Sheetz recently, we found Nature Valley Fruit Twists.  These also very clearly say gluten free on the packaging.  You receive a foot long twisted piece of fruit (sort of like the old fruit leather).  I guess there is some nutrition involved with all that sugar.  Anyway, nice seeing a new treat that our Celiacs can eat!

Another GF Pizza

Frozen Pizza

Simply GF Pizza

Does this frozen pizza look like any others we reviewed?  Yeah, definitely the popular type, a Margherita pizza which everyone would like.  Simply Shari’s is the brand, and we found them at Kroger’s.  More and more pizza options!!

Eco-Planet Hot Cereal

Hot Cereal


I always look back fondly on cold mornings as a kid.  Mom would fix me a bowl of Apples and Cinnamon oatmeal, which warmed my insides, and I could face the day.  So, now with two Celiac daughters, what do we do?  In walks eco-planet Instant hot Cereal.  At their website, http://ecoheavenllc.com/Eco-Planet/Gluten_Free_Instant_Hot_Cereal.html, they publicize their 7 grain organic ingredients.  What I like even more is their testing protocol:

Our cereal is a certified gluten free product, produced in a dedicated gluten free facility. The Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO), a non profit gluten free certifier, is our 3rd party certifier.  Under their supervision, we have always triple tested every batch of product using state of the art quantitative testing procedures approved by GFCO. This triple testing is above and beyond the requirements of GFCO, however, we feel it is a necessary to insure high quality gluten free products.

Pretty nice to see a company share how they test their products for gluten.  You can find these products in our grocery stores–we found these at the Kroger on Strickland and Falls of Neuse.  Looking at the website, I also found they make gluten free toaster pastries (read: GF POP TARTS!).  We did not see these at Kroger, but will continue to look for this mystical product.  If we find them, I believe our search for gf versions of our favorite foods will be complete!

Lieber’s Vanilla Cookies


More GF Cookies

First, I apologize for the blurry camera shot.  When I took this, I had used my phone while running on a humid day and moisture got in the lens.  It dried off, but not before I snapped this picture!

So we found some new vanilla cookies.  You can never go wrong with finding more gluten free cookies.  We found these at Kroger in the ever-expanding gluten free section.  For those needing them, they also sell a gluten free sugar-free cookie.  Many are also kosher for our friends who need that.

Seneca Crisp Onions

Crisp Onions

Crisp Onions for Some GF Crunch!

Need a little crunch in a salad to replace croutons?  Looking for a topping for a gluten-free casserole?  We recently found Seneca Farms Crisp Onions at Kroger’s.   In my research of the company, I found they also own the Libby vegetable and fruit brand.  You remember–“If it says Libby Libby Libby on the label label label, you will like it like it like it on your table table table.”  Good news–their potato chips and apple chips are also gluten free (http://www.senecasnacks.com/index.cfm?navId=16).  Good to see some variety though, as when our girls begin eating salads on a regular basis, we can sprinkle some of these crisp onions on top.  Or a green bean casserole.  Or any recipe that calls for a little extra crunch.

YoGo World


Chocolate and ChipsYoGo World--Falls River Town Center

Pomegranate Tart YogurtThese yogurt self-serve stores are sprouting up EVERYWHERE!  We recently reviewed Sweet Frog (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=1871), and now we came across YoGoWorld.  If you are familiar with the Falls River Towne Center, you will find it next to the book store and Andy’s.  If not, you can find it behind the Food Lion off Durant Road.  (Click here for Raleigh Cel-Kids Gluten Free Google Map).

So YoGo World is smaller than Sweet Frogs.  Fewer flavors, although about as many toppings.  You can fill your cup, put your toppings on, and then they weigh your bowl.  When we went in, we immediately asked which flavors were gluten free.  They said any non ‘cookie or cake’ flavors.  No written info though, like at Sweet Frog.  So we were a little sketchy of this, but we went ahead and tried the chocolate and cranberry tart.  We watched the girls after, and we did not notice any side-effects.  With that being said, though, we would urge caution with going here for Celiacs.  While the flavors could be gluten free, the toppings could contaminate your yogurt, since this is salad bar style.  Good yogurt, and nice we can get in on this new craze, but caution, caution, caution!

Annie’s Fruit Snacks

Bunny Fruit Snacks

Hmm...Are they Gluten Free?

We always buy Annie’s gluten free ‘bunny noodles,’ but we were not totally sure of their fruit snacks.  The ingredients looked gluten free, but they did not explicitly say gluten free.  Until now!  Now you can get Annie’s bunny fruit snacks and feel good about giving them to your Celiac.  We picked up Summer Strawberry flavor at the Kroger on Falls of Neuse/Strickland.

Wholesome Goodness Marinades

Gluten Free Marinades

Wholesome Goodness Marinades

Funny how these posts sometimes go in themes.  Following up on the previous Classico sauce post, we also found some new marinades at Wal*Mart recently.  I just happened to look at the shelf, and sure enough, they were all marked gluten free.  Sounds like a pretty good flavor too–for chicken, pork, or even beef.   As we walked through the produce section, we also noticed a display for their gluten free chips.  Not all their products are gluten free, but they do have many.  You can see them here: http://www.wholesome-goodness.com/US/products/, including two bbq sauces and some pasta sauces.  Always good to see new products in the gluten free space!