Rocky Mountain Popcorn

Jalapeno Poppers

A Little Spicy Gluten Free Snack

Yes, yet another Home Goods gluten free product.  This time Rocky Mountain popcorn.  You can get this in a variety of flavors, we found the Jalapeno.  Besides the Home Goods store, it appears you can get this popcorn at a variety of Interstate travel centers/truck stops in North Carolina, like the Pilot and Petro travel stations (http://www.rmpopcorn.com/).   Rocky Mountain produces their popcorn in a variety of flavors including the jalapeno we found, white cheddar, naked, caramel, cinnamon sugar, kettle, butter, and southwest cheddar.  Mmm…and all of those are gluten free.  Definitely another good snack, and look for it when traveling!

Cooking Out This Memorial Day?

American Flag

Remember Those Who Fought For Freedom, including from Gluten!

Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer approaches!  While we want to share some gluten free items, we also want to briefly reflect on Memorial Day.  Remember why and who we memorialize today.  The US is a great country, we all should be thankful for those who fought for our lifestyles!

So many of you will probably grill this weekend.  Looking for gluten free items?

Hot Dogs.  Lots of gluten free options–we like Nathans and Hebrew National.  Make sure you read labels on whatever brand you buy though!

How about grilling out chicken sausage?   Look for that here: http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=1889

Hamburgers?  Bubba Burgers here: http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=57

Don’t forget dessert.  While the grill is hot, fire up some Smores with gluten free graham crackers.  Smores: http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=585

Smooze Fruit Ice

Smooze Fruit Ice

Gluten Free Ice Pops

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend…

I believe this will represent our last Home Goods product for now.  Amazing to see so many products at a store you would not typically think of when considering gluten free foods.

So with summer rapidly coming, we need to begin looking for delicious snacks to cool us off.  Nothing cools you off faster than fruit ice, and Smooze brand (http://www.smoozeusa.com/) produces a variety of gluten free flavors.  Besides Home Goods, their website also shows Whole Foods and Earth Fare as locations to pick some up at.

What I like best about Smooze are the unique flavors.  They come in four tropical flavors, with all coming with coconut.  Then you can get Mango, Pink Guava, and Pineapple.  Definitely a nice variety of the traditional freeze pop flavors.  And definitely a refreshing way to spend a gluten free summer afternoon.

YogaVive Chips

Apple Chips

Popped Apple Chips

Again, Home Goods for gluten free food-whodda thunk it?  Sure enough though, you can find quite the variety of gluten free snacks and such there (Click here for Home Goods reviews).   Another item we found are these YogaVive apple chips.  They come with a certified gluten free label on all their flavors (see them here).  A good little snack for after school or traveling!

BJs Gluten Free Kids’ Vitamins

BJs Vitamins

More Gluten Free Vitamins

We always want to remember to check all medicines and pills for their gluten content.  We also want to make sure to supplement a Celiac’s diet with a multivitamin to make sure they receive the proper nutrients.  Until now we would go for the Lil’ Critters gummy vitamins (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=1769) or the Flintstone vitamins.  Recently we found that the BJs brand children multivitamin also come gluten free.  Just similar to the Flintstone brand, but a few dollars cheaper.  Thanks to BJs for that!

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza…


Gluten Free or Not?

Boy, what a week of Celiac/Gluten Free products.  A little testy and heated at times for some of us talking to others.  Of course I refer to the news that both Dominos and Chuck-E-Cheese will offer gluten free pizzas, with Chuck-E-Cheese even offering gluten free cupcakes as well.

So what do you all think of this?  First let’s look at Dominos.  In my opinion, this is more of a major restaurant looking to take advantage of those doing the ‘gluten free diet’ and NOT for Celiacs.  Per their website:

Domino’s® pizza made with a Gluten Free Crust is prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure. The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness supports the availability of Domino’s® Gluten Free Crust but CANNOT recommend the pizza for customers with celiac disease. Customers with gluten sensitivities should exercise judgment in consuming this pizza.

Dominos, for their sake, does make it very clear that anyone with Celiac should not try this pizza.  They provide lots of FAQs at a good webpage they put together: https://order.dominos.com/en/pages/content/customer-service/glutenfreecrust.jsp.  So while not happy that I hear about a gf crust, they do make it very clear that due to cross contamination in their cooking area, they cannot guarantee a gluten free surface.   We will definitely avoid this with our girls.

Let’s move on to Chuck-E-Cheese.  While we all know no one goes to Chuck-E-Cheese (or Showbiz if you grew up with that!)  for the pizza, it does help to know you can get something to eat there.  for that reason, obviously, our girls have never gone there.  Now though, we continue to hear of news of them testing a gluten free pizza in its own sealed bag with disposable pizza cutter and gluten free cupcakes.  In an article found at http://nrn.com/article/chuck-e-cheese%E2%80%99s-test-gluten-free-products?ad=fb-news, we see that:

CEC said that to avoid cross contamination or accidental exposure to gluten ingredients in Chuck E. Cheese’s kitchens, the personal cheese pizza is manufactured by a gluten-free facility and sent to stores in frozen, pre-sealed packaging.

“The bake-in-bag pizza will remain sealed while cooked and delivered, and until opened and served with a personal pizza cutter at families’ tables by the adult in charge,” the company said.

The cupcakes are provided under the same procedure and “remain in pre-sealed, single-serve packaging through preparation and until opened and served at the table.”

Read more: http://nrn.com/article/chuck-e-cheese%E2%80%99s-test-gluten-free-products?ad=fb-news#ixzz1vJU2WVE2

So does that sound better?  They remove a large chance of cross-contamination.  Would you more likely go there than Dominos?  Unfortunately they are only testing in Minnesota for now.

Will any of you try either Dominos or Chuck-E-Cheese with your Celiacs?  I bet many of you, like us, are quick to say no, but then I start to think about the other gluten free pizza places in the area.  Most of you know you can get gluten free pizzas at zPizza (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=94), Mellow Mushroom (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=601), Bella Monica (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=1648), and Milton’s (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=1838).  We confidently buy at all three, but how do we know these are any more gluten free than what Dominos would do?  While I do not go behind the counter to inspect their area, even with a dedicated area (which I am not sure they all have), can cross-contamination still occur?  I am pretty sure it can.  So then, are they all any better than Dominos?   Our girls, knock on wood, did not yet show any reactions to all those places, and I know we will not try Dominos, but it does make you think.  Dominos continues to get hammered by Celiacs, but why only them?  Why not these other places?   The only true way to provide a 100% gluten free environment is to not prepare gluten items in the same space.  Sort of like a Whole Foods Gluten Free Bakehouse idea.




Images used under Creative Commons license

Dominos: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2862739

Garden of Eatin’ Chips

Sweet Potato Chips

Corn and Sweet Potato Chips

Found another gluten free item at BJs.   Just happened to notice these Garden of Eatin’ Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips.  What I further found out is that Garden of Eatin’ is a small company in the Hain Celestrial Group.  They actually make a variety of gluten free products including the Arrowhead Mills baking line of cake mixes and pancake mixes, De Boles gluten free pastas, and gluten free Cafe canned soups and frozen dinners.  Hain Celestrial produces Certified Gluten Free products and is a supporter of the Celiac Sprue Association.  The certification is important, as we know their products receive testing for gluten.  Find out more about Hain Celestrial here: http://www.glutenfreechoices.com/


Flamous Falafel Chips

Falafel Chips

A Gluten Free Humus Holder

If any of you eat hummus, you know you need a pretty thick, tough chip or cracker to not break when plowing through the hummus.  We recently found a contender, a gluten free contender, at the Raleigh Home Goods store.  Flamous Falafel Chips (http://www.flamousbrands.com/) will definitely serve that need.  Falmous Brands make a variety of chips and hummus dressings and dips that all come gluten free certified.

Rite Aid Brand Candy

Circus Peanuts

Gluten Free Circus Peanuts

Who doesn’t like candy?  While recently stopping by a Rite Aid, we noticed all the packs of specially packed candy with a gluten free label.  Lots of different candy, including circus peanuts, worms, and bears.  Good to know we can pick up a bag of gluten free candy in a drug store.  Good news for those who need some quick snacks or need to smuggle candy into their favorite movie!

Worms and Bears

Bears and Worms That are Gluten Free

Gluten Free at Pullen Park

The New Pullen Park Snack Shop

No Longer Just Your Basic Snacks!

Over the years, we have become accustomed to bringing lunch and snacks everywhere for our girls.  Whether we go to an amusement park, the airport, or a park, we know we probably will not find many things for the girls to eat.  Pullen Park (Cel-Kids Map) , however, bucks that trend.  The classic park near NC State’s campus recently went through an extended renovation of its train, classic carousel, boats, and playgrounds.  When opening recently, a more expanded snack shop opened with many gluten free items.  While not able to pick up only gluten free items, your Celiac can definitely snack on many of the things available.  Things like bags of Pirate Booty, rice bars, even cookies can definitely help you enjoy a nice morning or afternoon at one of Raleigh’s great parks!