More Gluten Free Granola


Gluten Free Grawnola

Although regular, traditional granola may not be gluten free, we continue to see more and more gluten free options.  We pick up Bakery on Main quite a lot (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=1614) and Udi’s when we can find it (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=1455).  We do not see Mrs. May’s as much as we used to (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=638), but we always can pick some up at Trader Joe’s (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=512).

At Whole Foods this weekend we found another gluten free granola, grawnola.  It comes in a variety of different flavors including Banana Coconut and a regular flavor.  You can also get grawnola bars.  When you visit their site (http://www.grawnola.com), you can also find gluten free bread crumbs and sprouted almonds.  The almonds come in Cajun BBQ and Zesty Onion.  We really hope to find those, don’t they sound good?

The Olympics…Gluten Free!


We’re Gold Medalists With Fruit!

Did you watch the Olympics at all this weekend?  We made a nice, simple ice cream sundae making station before opening ceremonies.  The girls loved the fruit in Olympic circles, and we loved it as a nice, healthy snack!

Three Bakers Pizza


Another Frozen GF Pizza!

Found another new pizza at Earth Fare the other day.  A 12″ brand by Three Bakers.  Three Bakers (http://www.threebakers.net/) also makes a variety of breads, including hot dog buns and rolls.  For their pizzas, they make three varieties, pepperoni, sweet italian sausage, and cheese, as well as frozen crusts.  These pizzas are similar to the other thin crusts you can buy in the grocery store.

On their site, you can also read more about Celiac, as well as order their products online.  Glad to see more options out there!

Pizza By George


By George…I Think it’s a Pizza!

Definitely continuing to see more and more frozen pizza options out there. We found these pre-made frozen pizzas at Earth Fare recently.  They do represent the first pre-made small pizzas we have seen, as all the rest come in either a medium or large size.  Like Three Bakers, which we reviewed recently, Foods By George also produce many other gluten free products (click here for site).

You can definitely find a large variety of additional products like English muffins, Cinnamon Currant muffins, brownies, a pound cake and pecan tarts.  A nice variety of products you can order online.

General Mills’ Gluten Freely Webpage

Gluten Freely

Truly, Every Thing You Need!

Most of you know many of the great gluten free products General Mills produces.  From cereals to cake mixes to gluten-free Bisquick, General Mills definitely committed themselves to the gluten-free space.  With a well-timed reference from our group’s sponsor Pat, I checked their site again recently (http://www.glutenfreely.com/) and was shocked at all the additional resources available.  From a wealth of recipes, to information on living a gluten-free life, even to contests for gluten-free cookoffs, Gluten Freely’s site contains lots of pertinent information.  For instance, while late this time, they just finished a gluten-free recipe contest where they accepted gf recipes for a $5,000.00 prize.  You can check their products, from gluten free ice cream cones (Goldbaums) to Larabars, to cookbooks, to Bhuha nut mixes, I did not realize the depth of the products General Mills owned.  Many of these we reviewed in the past, like the Bhuja nuts we found at Whole Foods and the Goldbaum ice cream cones my sister found in Fayetteville.

The site also contains some other helpful tools like their General Mills pocket guide.  Granted, it only covers their products, but it contains quite a lot of products.  some things we know, like Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, and their frostings, and other things we did not, like their Potato Buds, Green Giant frozen vegetables, and more flavors of their Progresso soups than we knew.  So we downloaded this guide (click here) and put it on both my wife and my smartphone.  I plan to send it to all the grandparents and family as well.  You can also find coupons to many of their products.  Of course another helpful thing is the product locator (click here) where you can search by name or UPC code for the product near you.

We again want to say how much we appreciate General Mills’ dedication to this space.  Imagine, those of you who have dealt with Celiac for a number of years, finding this after your first diagnosis.  How much easier to have eased into a gluten free lifestyle.

Pillsbury Frostings

Pillsbury Frosting

Gluten Free Pink Lemonade Frosting?

On a recent trip to Target, we happened to browse through the front seasonal aisles–those where they usually have holiday candy.  Summer items like beach towels, water toys, and snow cone makers lined the shelves now.  Also a unique find.  We know all the Betty Crocker frostings come gluten free (I believe that is mostly correct–do they have any cookie piece frostings?  Check your labels!), but Pillsbury has not been known for their gluten free items.

Until now!  The one we found at Target, Pink Lemonade, clearly marked gluten free on the label.  Of course my wife would not let me try that one (not sure what you would put it on, but I was fine with a spoon!), but in looking at their website (http://www.pillsburybaking.com/products/frostings/creamy-supreme), many of their Creamy Supremes now show gluten free.  Frostings like their Strawberry, Classic White, and Milk Chocolate among others.  Some do not, like their Funfetti, but regardless, I see this as a large win.  More options for frosting only help Celiacs!  Bravo to Pillsbury, and hopefully this means a gf cake mix(es) will be close behind!

Apple Cinnamon Chex

Apple Cinnamon Chex

More Variety of Chex

We found them!  We first heard the rumors, then read they were coming, and after a recent trip to Kroger’s, we found the new Apple Cinnamon Chex, gluten free of course.  Nice to see a new variety for us.

As far as taste, a combination of Cinnamon Chex and that fake apple taste you have in many other ‘applish’ foods.  But, our girls like it, so all the better.  Nice to see additional variety as well.  And this also makes a good snack for school or travel–little mess, lots of flavor.  We even want to try a fruit mix with this cereal.

Frozen Pizza Crusts

Rudi's Pizza Crusts

Frozen Pizza Crusts for Family Pizza Night

Our family has a tradition of Friday nights being pizza and game night.  We usually pick up a zPizza or Mellow Mushroom pizza from the store.  Recently, though, we wanted to also let the girls make their own pizzas.  We thought about the gf English Muffins, but we cannot yet find a good type of those.  So I found Rudi’s frozen crusts in the freezer section at Earth Fare.

Pretty nice crust.  They come two to a pack, and the size is comparable to a small from a pizza place.  The girls were able to put on their sauce, cheese, and toppings, then we cooked them in the toaster over (a little too hot with the 105 degrees outside to turn on the over).  They both came out crispy and golden brown.  Yum!



Lots and Lots of Rice!

So we’re cruising the aisles of BJs recently, and we found this huge display of rice.  Sure enough, on the container, you see gluten free.  Another one, like the juice, that you assume to be gluten free, but good for BJs for putting it on the label.

We do a lot with rice…pair it with black beans, or shrimp, or as a side.  One daughter likes it with Parmesan cheese, the other likes soy sauce.  I caution you though, that with any dressing or marinade-you check carefully.  Soy sauce, for instance, usually contains wheat.  Kikkoman (http://www.kikkomanusa.com/homecooks/products/products_hc_details.php?pf=10106&fam=101), contains a gluten free variety (their regular is NOT gluten free), as does LaChoy.

Wellsley Farms (BJs) Orange Juice

BJs Orange Juice

100% Pure, Gluten Free Goodness

In one of those ‘duh’ reviews, you see on the label that BJ’s Orange juice, sold under their Wellsley Farms label, shows a gluten free status.  Duh, because we would assume and hope that all juices would not contain gluten…but as we have all come to realize–you can never be too sure.

So bravo to BJs for putting this on their juice.