Sam Mills Corn Pasta


More GF Pasta

Another day, another pasta.  We recently found Sam Mills Corn Pasta d’oro while shopping at Kroger recently.  This European company (http://www.sammills.eu/sammillsusa-en.html) produces a variety of pastas, gluten-free oils, and gluten-free pasta sauces.  They make a variety of products out of corn, the majority not gluten free, and produce corn for beer and livestock across the world.  Makes me wonder if we will soon see a large price hike, with the current droughts in the US Midwest.  Already we pay a premium on gluten free products, so time will tell.

Interesting to see a new variety of pasta.  I think corn pastas will probably taste and possess a more similar consistency to regular wheat pasta.  Rice pasta definitely does not hold up as well, we have noticed from a variety of brands.

Get Oatmeal, Gluten Free!

Glutenfreeda Oatmeal

Gluten Free Oatmeal!

We found a few ‘certified gluten free oats’ over the past year or so.  We recently found these Glutenfreeda Instant Oatmeals at, you guessed it, Giant Eagle on our recent trip to PA.  Exciting to see this, as instant oatmeal is something my wife and I eat often in the winter, as it represents a quick, warm meal on those cold mornings.  And yes, you can get it with Apple Cinnamon, my favorite flavor.

Glutenfreeda (http://www.glutenfreeda.com/index.asp) produces a ton of gluten free foods.  I had not looked at their website in quite awhile and was thoroughly impressed with what I saw.  Besides lots of recipes, very unique recipe like Chipolte Stuffed meatballs and Tacos al Pastor (Mexican-Lebanese), you can also find things like gluten free  pizza wraps (think: Hot Pockets), ice cream sandwiches, oatmeal (duh!), and cheesecakes.  Mmm, gotta try that last one.  Lots of good products that we will need to try!

Great Crackers!

Schar Cheese Bites

Yummy, Yummy Crackers!

My wife and I talked recently about Goldfish-style crackers being about the only thing we could not find gluten-free.  Just a light, airy,crispy cracker.  While we found lots of good crackers, this had been missing.  Until now.  We found Schar Cheese Bite crackers, and wow, what a good cracker.  First off, the girl both love them.  One or the other can be picky sometimes with crackers, but the both like these.

Unfortunately, we found them at Giant Eagle, a grocery store in Pennsylvania.  So if you read from PA, I guess that’s good news for you.  Us Raleighites, not so much.  I have started to look around here, but could not find them yet.  You can always buy them online (here), but hopefully soon we will find them in our local stores.

Get Your Rolls!

Schar Rolls

Ready to Eat Rolls

Following up on our recent post of Schar pizza crusts, while shopping at the same Giant Eagle in Pennsylvania recently, we also found classic white rolls by Schar.  You got to love the sticker on them–New Recipe–Now Even Softer.  Great news, as some of these pre-made rolls in the past were pretty heavy and dense.  More like eating a rock than a roll.  But these new ones from Schar definitely deliver on their softer claim.  Actually, they are getting close to regular rolls.  Another good find.

Schar Pizza Crusts

Schar Pizza Crusts

More Pizza Crusts

So…do you need some more gluten free pizza crusts?  While we have reviewed many of them, I do like to continue to see new ones, as that helps all of us gain attention to Celiac.  While in Pennsylvania recently, we went to a Giant Eagle grocery store and found Schar pizza crusts.  Schar makes a wide variety of gluten free products (http://www.schar.com/), but this is the first time we saw these pizza crusts.  They come non-refrigerated, and you just pull the crust base out, put on your toppings, and cook them for 15 minutes.  Pretty easy.

White House Handi Fruit

Handi Fruit Apple Sauce Packs

Give a Hand for Handi Fruit!

We mentioned a recent trip up North and the need for quick snacks.  While travelling through ‘Apple Country’ in Winchester, Virginia, we stopped at a Sheetz.  Just needing a quick snack, we found these White House Handi Fruit apple sauce packets.  You may not be able to see it clearly on the pouch, but they clearly mark them gluten free.  Definitely a nice snack, much better than picking up a candy bar or something a little less healthy.

Main Street Cafe Smoothie

Gluten Free Smoothie

A quick pick me up at Sheetz

We went on a trip to PA recently and needed to stop for some quick snacks in the car.  We love to stop at Sheetz in Raleigh, and going North, we find even more Sheetz.

So in the past we found some yogurts (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=2017), NesQuik (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=2293), Nature Valley twisted fruit (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=2197), and our girls favorites–Foodles (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=1169).  So what do they have now?  We found these Main St. Cafe Protein Smoothies.  First off, they mark ‘gluten-free’ clearly on their labels.  Then looking at them, you can find a variety of fruit flavors.  Not a bad quick pick-up.  Find them in Sheetz’ food cases.

Ingredient List

Yup, Gluten Free

Earth Fare Muffins


GF Muffin from Earth Fare

One thing less convenient with living with Celiac is the inability to go into a bakery and pick up some already made baked goods.  Yes, you can find some gluten free items out there, but many of the places have not done well.  Remember Rosie’s Plate?  Fortunately, we continue to see this change.  While at Earth Fare recently we found these huge banana chocolate chip muffins, at a pretty good price.  They were delicious!  Lots of chocolate chips.  Very moist.  Everything a muffin should be!  Definitely excited to see this out there!

Applegate Meats

gluten free meats

Lots of GF Meat!

Awhile back, we found gluten free chicken nuggets from Applegate (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=applegate). While shopping at BJs recently, we found many more Applegate products.  All came clearly marked with a gluten free label, even on the box, as you can see in the image.  From turkey hot dogs, to a variety of lunch meats, to sausages and bacons, you can find many good items, both gluten free and organically grown.  When you talk about meats, especially those like lunch meat, having fewer preservatives and antibiotics included definitely should ease your mind.  Check out Applegate’s website (http://www.applegatefarms.com/) for recipes, a complete product listing, and more.

Sauces for Celiac Parrotheads

bbq sauce

Wastin’ Away in Margaritaville, Gluten Free

Ok, maybe a few too many Jimmy references, but we found a line of sauces at Target recently.  Margaritaville sauces, available in original bbq and Sweet and Spice BBQ both come gluten free.  Definitely try some this summer for your barbecues!

GF Label

Yup, Gluten Free!