Gluten Free Nuggets

Gluten Free Nuggets

A Kid’s Favorite…Gluten Free…

I mentioned all the great gluten free products the newly remodeled Harris Teeter on Falls of Neuse carries.  Another one, a staple for most families, is  gluten free chicken nuggets.  We reviewed some in the past, from Applegate’s (click here) to ones we made ourselves (click here).  Now we found all natural Golden Platter nuggets.  Their website is currently under renovation (here), but it appears they have been selling them for awhile, as I found them on sale on the Celiac Online Mall.

I like the packaging…a resealable bag with enough product to cover a few meals.  That is one of the frustrating things, sometimes, with gluten free items–too small of portions.  You can buy one of these bags and get a few meals out of it.  As with other nuggets, these use 100% breast meat and a gluten free breading.  And yes, they ARE fully cooked, so you can just pop them in the microwave for a quick meal.

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter

Lots of GF Pizza

The newly remodeled and expanded Harris Teeter off Falls of the Neuse (by the Kohl’s–click here for Map) has quickly become our one stop for gluten free items.  The expansion of their offerings just blows our mind.  Plus, as you can see with the picture of Bella Monica pizzas, they use some pretty large gluten free tags.  You will find these everywhere in the store.  I will review some other things I found as well.

Great to see another Triangle grocery store step up and carry more products.  Not sure if all the Harris Teeters do this, but we will be on the lookout.  Coming up, some chicken nuggets and other new products we found recently.

Cocoa Pebbles Treats

Pebbles Treats

Wilma!!!! These treats are delicious!

Need a quick dessert for a fall picnic?  Or maybe something for a school treat?  We recently made Cocoa Pebbles treats.  Yes, just like Rice Krispie treats but with Cocoa Pebbles instead.  And they are just as easy to make as Rice Krispies.  We looked at a recipe (here), and we were quite surprised to see just three ingredients: the cereal, marshmellows, and margarine.  Mixed it, put it in the pan, and voila–snack served!  Easily cut up for lunches, travel, or a fall cook out!

Mamasita! Casa Mamita Taco Shells!

More Gluten Free Taco ShellsWent to Aldi’s recently on the lookout for more gluten free options.  We found a few things and stumbled across these Casa Mamita taco shells.  In the past, we reviewed the Ortega taco shells, now gluten free (click here), and a variety of soft shells from Rudi’s, Food4Life, and Mission (corn only) (click here).  Now we found more at Aldi’s.  I like how Aldi’s labels their gluten free products–with a very clear and prominent ‘naturally gluten free.’  Makes it pretty easy and removes doubt.  We definitely appreciate that!  So we’ll take our black beans from the last post, grate some cheese, and enjoy a gluten-free taco night!

Naturally Gluten Free

Naturally Gluten Free!

Black Beans at Aldis

Black Beans

Holy Frijoles! These are Gluten Free!

We recently stopped at Aldis in Wake Forest (Raleigh Cel-Kids Google Map).  Always good to go back, as their inventory does change often.  We stocked up on the cheaper, generic gluten free ‘Chex’ cereals, found some gf taco shells, and some other things we will review in the future.  We really started a black beans and rice kick (with salsa and cheese–mmmm!), so we liked seeing Dakota’s Pride brand with a clear gluten free logo.  Definitely happy to see that on a package.  We definitely appreciate Aldis, as they really do a nice job labeling their products when gluten free.



Healthy and Gluten Free

We would hope all juice would come gluten free.  No real reason to include any gluten in juice, but you never can tell.  Because of that, we make sure we look for juices that do indeed mark their package as gluten free.  In the past we reviewed BJs orange juice (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=2347), Fruitables (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=648), and some others.

Today we review Old Orchard’s Healthy Balance variety of juices including grape and apple.  They clearly mark them as gluten free.  Sounds good to us!  The only thing we did not like is that these juices include Splenda, as opposed to real sugar.  So probably not something we will buy in large amounts, but definitely nice, especially when on sale, like at Harris Teeter recently.

Burger King Menu

Burger King

Gluten Free At Burger King?

So someone recently mentioned Burger King’s new gluten free menu.  We decided to check it out, as we always appreciate new options at fast food, especially when travelling.  Burger King has a page (http://www.bk.com/cms/en/us/cms_out/digital_assets/files/pages/MenuGlutenFree.pdf) listing their gluten free menu.  Sure enough, many things, like Whopper patties, plain chicken fillet, and sausage come gluten free.  The also list their french fries, but put an asterisk beside stating they may be fried with gluten items.  Where we checked, the workers said they were fried in their own container.

So maybe a new possible rival to Chick-Fil-A for our family.  We will definitely investigate more, but good to see some possibilities out their, expanding what we currently see.  We would love to see more and more of the national chains jump on this bandwagon!

School Snack List

So we discussed meeting the teacher, field trips, so what about all those opportunities for quick little snacks?  Something we have always done is share the gluten free product list below with each of our daughters’ teachers.  Most will post it right on their wall with other important papers.   **Use this list with caution, as we found it a few years ago.  Some of the products may have changed recipes to now include gluten, or some may in the future.  We actually went ahead and crossed out a couple from it, but we also added some as well.  Teachers appreciate this, so they know quickly what our girls can eat, and if any question, they just take something from the gluten-free snack bag we send in to leave at school.

Gluten Free Product List

Field Trips

So you think the classroom is under control?  Then that slip of paper comes home throwing everything into chaos in your family: field trip!  With planning, though, it can be pretty smooth.  The majority of field trips either a) do not last long enough for a snack or lunch and b) most allow you bring your own snacks and lunch.  We definitely suggest you check carefully though, and even use another pre-made document from the Gluten Intolerance Guide (GIG).  This one, (http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1102560218550-274/School+trip+letter+CD+fall+2012.pdf) speaks specifically to going to a food facility and how they can help make the process smoother.  I especially like the part about CLEANING the dishes, utensils, and hands when prepping food.  The little things we sometimes forget can be those secret sources of gluten.

Just some small little steps you can take to make sure those field trips run smoothly!

Letters to Teachers

Especially with younger students, food can exist as not only nourishment in school, but as part of the lesson plan.  Think of the early elementary days of counting (fruit loops), artwork (macaroni pasta), and of course, Plah-Doh.  All of which could contain gluten.  Most parents, including ourselves, would be more than willing to send in similar gluten-free products, if we know ahead of time to do so.

So how?  How can you ensure your child’s teacher(s) know to let you know when to send in gluten free equivalents?  Especially when your child may have multiple teachers each day.  The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) saves you some of the time by their pre-made teacher letters.  One of them (http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1102560218550-261/CD+letter+to+teacher+fall+2012.pdf) really speaks to all the facets of dealing with Celiac in a pretty clear way.  Just fill in the name and you’re ready to go!  On GIG you can also find (http://www.gluten.net/Student%2006-2011.pdf) another webpage to direct teachers to for more information.  Especially when considering things like arts and crafts where Play-Doh, fingerpaints, and even some crayons could contain gluten.  Oh, and what about the paste?  Do kids still eat the paste?  Better look for the gluten-free style!