Yummy GF Pop Corn–It IS Poppycock!

GF Pop Corn

Poppycock! Like Any Grandmother May Say!

Who can resist popcorn?  Especially when covered in sugary goodness?  We recently found large tins of Orville Redenbacher’s Poppycock snack at BJs.  And for it’s size, the ‘Gluten Free Food’ is probably the largest label we’ve ever seen on a product, so no denying that.

So if you remember things like Fiddle Faddle or Cracker Jack, Poppycock is pretty much the same thing.  Popcorn and nuts coated in a molasses/sugar coating.  Quite addicting treat too.  Another good variety food for your Celiac.

Disney Fruit Crisps

Fruit Crisps

Freeze dried fruit–what’s not to love!

Recently at Wal*Mart we were looking through the nuts/dried fruit aisle and found these Disney Fruit Crisps.  Each box comes with 5 pretty good sized bags of a variety of dried fruit.  You get 2 packs of apple, 1 apple cinnamon, 1 pear, and 1 strawberry and banana.  And of course-they clearly mark them gluten free.

Another great pre-packaged semi-healthy snack for travelling, school, or jut as an after-school treat.  We’re seeing more and more character integration a well…this time classic Disney characters.  We definitely like that as well!

Mike & Ike Mummy’s Mix

Halloween Mike & Ike

GF Candy for Your Mummy or Daddy

Halloween Candy!  Nothing better!  We know that the Mike and Ike company Just Born, maker of Marshmellow Peeps, produces all gluten free products.

Recently at Target we found this Mummy’s Mix, a variety of fruit flavored candy, and yes, all gluten free.  Another great gluten Free Halloween treat for your Celiac.

Red Robin–New Gluten Free Rolls

Gluten Free Burger

Yum! Cheeseburger With a Gluten Free Roll

We heard that all the Red Robin restaurants were now offering gluten free rolls.  We recently had the opportunity to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday, so we decided to take the girls to the Wake Forest Red Robin.  Sure enough, they did have a pretty good roll.  It was my daughter’s first real cheeseburger.  We heard they were offering two different rolls, and we got one that is not a commonly known one, like an Udi’s or Rudi’s, but we definitely liked it.  Not too hard or dense, with a good taste.  Coupled with their fries–yummy dinner!

Buddig Lunch Meats

Buddig Lunch Meat

Buddig Lunch Meat

More lunch options are always a great thing.  We found Buddig brand lunch meats recently at Wal*Mart.  Buddig (http://www.buddig.com/faq.aspx) makes a variety of lunch meats, and you can get all GLUTEN FREE!  From honey ham and honey roasted turkey to chicken and mesquite turkey (among others), you will find lots of options for your family.

Pick up a loaf of gf bread and feel confident sending your children with some Buddig lunch meat!

Lunch meat

Gluten Free Lunch Meat!

Hunts Snack Packs

Gluten free Label

Yup, Gluten Free!

Snack Packs.  Who doesn’t love them?  Probably Celiacs, as, until now, they did not show a clear gluten free label.  But have no fear, on a recent trip to Wal*Mart we found lots of gluten free varieties including Frosted Sugar Cookie and Apple Pie a La Mode.  Ok, so maybe not the best flavors, but all gluten free!

I can remember finding Snack Packs in my lunch growing up…never one of those things I traded!  And with the amount of Calcium in them, we do not feel too bad giving them to our girls occasionally.  Another option for Celiac lunches!


So Many Option!


Frosted Sugar Cookie–But Gluten Free!

Florida’s Natural Halloween Nuggets

Florida's Natural GF Nuggets

A Not-Too-Scary GF Treat!

We’ve said it time and again, and will continue to say it, but when you can provide your children, suffering from food allergies, food intolerances, or diseases, with regular food and holiday/cartoon themed you cannot underestimate how much that means to your children.  The acceptance they will face, the lack of ackwardness from not having something ‘different’ this time…just so powerful!

So we reviewed Florida’s Natural fruit nuggets in the past here and here.  Yummy treat in individual packs.  While at Target, we ran into these ‘Halloween nuggets.’  Pretty much the same thing, but hey, they’re Halloween themed.  And it just happens one of our daughter’s birthdays is this month.  Score!  Great for a school celebration or snack.

GF Fair and Tasting at Harmony Farms Saturday!

Harmony Farms

Come Out to a Great Event!

Harmony Farms, a great organic store in North Raleigh near Crabtree Valley Mall (click here for map), has been around selling a wide variety of gluten free products for years.  We have reviewed many products we found there over the years (here, a tea party, bread, and animal crackers).

Now, this Saturday, they will host a Gluten Free Fair and Food Tasting at their Creedmoor Road location this Saturday from noon (12pm) to 4:00 pm.  There will be a number of g-f vendors offering their products  – from foods to supplements to personal care items – for tasting, sampling and sale.


Utz Halloween Cheese Balls

Halloween Cheese Balls

School Snack, Anyon?

Halloween snacks have started to appear at Target.  We went shopping last week and found a 35 pack of Utz Halloween Mini Cheese Balls, complete with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  And if you look closely, in the bottom, right corner, clearly marked Gluten Free.

We picked up a box and will use them in lunches and for any Halloween ‘celebrations.’  As I said here before many times, we so appreciate seeing seasonal/holiday items come out for our girls so they can participate in the regular things like other kids.  Kudos to Utz for coming out with these.

Gluten Free Pumpkin Creamer

LabelSo Fall arrived to Raleigh.  With the cooler temperatures, we are inundated with all the various pumpkin flavored products.  Muffins, cookies, bagels, coffee, and yes, even coffee creamer.  While I would not suggest you give coffee and creamer to any of your Cel-Kids, it is good to see International Delight mark their products clearly with a ‘Gluten-Free.’

Maybe for the Celiac Adult in Your House…