Blueberry Almondpops


A Yummy Snack!

BJs continues to single-handedly help us run this blog with their variety of gluten free products they stock.  Our latest kick are the blueberry Almondpops.  Almondpops are made by 180snacks (http://www.180snacks.com/), makers of coffees, nuts, and many other snacks.  These rice snacks come with freezedried blueberries and almonds in an airy little block of goodness.  You can also get them in cranberry, although we only saw blueberry at BJs.

You can purchase product right from their page.  Make sure to check their weekly specials link, as you can sometimes save two dollars or more on different items.  Good little snack for travel, school, or all the upcoming holiday events.  We put some in a baggie just to keep on hand for parades, parties, or whatever comes up.

Heartland Pasta

Hearthland Penne

Yummy, Almost-Like-Real Pasta

We always look for better and better gluten free pastas.  In the early days, most were gritty and soggy, and hence, our girls did not eat them.  We want to primarily cook just one meal, so on pasta nights, I really did not want to eat their pasta either.  Things have gotten better, and recently we found a very good gf pasta, Heartland, at Walmart.  It comes in regular spaghetti and penne, along with other varieties.  Going back to the statement I made about us non-Celiacs and pasta–this penne is definitely good enough not to notice it’s gluten free.  I eat this with marinara sauce and enjoy it.  The girls love it with sauce or just some parmasean cheese.  Definitely a good pick up!

Liberte Greek Yogurt


Gluten Free!

Most yogurts these day comes gluten free.  You still need to watch, though, and check those labels carefully. Thankfully, companies like Liberte clearly mark their labels clearly.  We found this new yogurt at BJs recently.  For those on the Greek bandwagon (like my girls!), you will like these yogurts.  Not all of us like the taste of the Greek yogurts, but Liberte offers a variety of flavors of their own.  Some unique like peach and passion fruit that you cannot find with other brands.


Another GF Greek Yogurt

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you find your turkeys moist, your potatoes non-lumpy, your pumpkin pie sweet, and everything gluten free!  Have a safe and happy day!

Jelly Belly Candy Canes

candy canes

Best of Both Worlds–Jelly Beans and Candy Canes

It’s that time!  The holidays approach!  And with them lots and lots of gluten free treats!  Of course the stores have had Christmas treats out since about Halloween, or in some cases earlier, so we found lots of potential reviews at Target.  Candy canes are always one of those issues that could go either way.  On the one hand, the ingredients themselves usually do not contain gluten.  However, to keep them from sticking to the paper, there has been the history of using wheat flour on them.  Recently, many companies started to use rice flour or other products, keeping them entirely gluten free.

Jelly Belly, the jelly bean maker (which are also gluten free) comes out with their candy canes each year.  Pretty good fruit tasting candy canes, if I do say so myself.  What I really like about their label is they discuss how these are made on dedicated equipment with no gluten ingredients.  Plus, as you can see at the bottom, they are made by the Spangler Candy company, one of the better holiday companies, as we’ve seen in the past (click here).


One of the better labels we’ve seen…

Sabrett Hot Dogs

hot dogs

More Gluten Free Dogs!

Lots of Hot Dogs lately in the reviews.  Good news, as we used to just rely on Hebrew National.  We found a bunch more at BJs recently, including Sabrett.  You may know this brand as one of the more commonly found street vendors, especially in Downtown Raleigh near the museums.  Sabrett represents a true New York style dog, as their motto goes, New Yorkers Relish Sabrett.  Nice pun!

On their website, http://www.sabrett.com/, they show a great allergen matrix of all the commons, and NONE are included in any of their products.  Good to see not just for Celiacs, but other allergy/disease sufferers.  While we will definitely try these hot dogs, we probably will not try those at the food stands.  While the chance for cross-contamination is slim, there is still the possibility.  We do not not how those are handled on the carts, so we will just play it say and only use the ones we purchase.

Orville Redenbacher

Orville Redenbacher

Yummy White Cheddar Popcorn!

Gosh, you all know we love us some BJs.  We find different things there every time.  On our most recent trip we found a large bag of Orville Redenbacher White Cheddar popcorn.  Sure enough, like the Poppycock we recently reviewed, we saw a clearly marked ‘gluten free’ label.  Thank goodness, because this stuff is like potato chips-you cannot only eat one handful.  The popcorn is soft with a delicious white cheddar sprinkled all over it. We actually got a big bag of it for a birthday party–just put it in a bowl and a bowl of Tostitos  and that meant lots of happy girls.

Kunzler Hot Dogs


Chicken Franks

To start a rumor…I think Kunzler hot dogs are what Sheetz uses.  And you can tell from this blog, we love us some Sheetz!  So we found these Kunzler chicken franks on our recent BJs trip.  A third option to gluten free hot dogs, with Hebrew National and Dietz & Watson (BJ’s brand) also in the gluten free list.

So while the hot dogs at Sheetz are beef, and the only hot dogs I eat, I do like knowing that maybe eventually we’ll be able to pick up some gluten free dogs for the girls in the future.  We rely on quick pick-up bars and fruit, not really trusting any of the cooked options.  Maybe this changes if I can confirm the rumor of Sheetz using Kunzler.

Dietz & Watson Hot Dogs

Dietz and Watson

BJs Hot Dogs–Gluten Free!

Like most kids, our girls LOVE hot dogs.  Thankfully, even with Celiac, they can still eat Hebrew National hotdogs.  While on another BJs trip recently, we found a few more varieties of gluten free hotdogs.  The first, Dietz & Watson, is BJs own brand.  You may remember that Dietz & Watson comes in a variety of gluten free lunch meats (click here for post).

So in their cooler section, we found boxes of gluten free deli franks.  On the Dietz & Watson website, http://www.dietzandwatson.com/our-products/gluten-free/, you can see the long listing of gluten free products they offer.  Quite a long list of products, so we definitely think, from the deli franks, to the beef franks, to the chicken sausages, you will be able to find something for your gluten free palate!

Another Gluten Free Bar–Kind Plus

Kind Bar

Kind Protein Bar

Continuing on from a previous post, we needed snacks, and we needed them now after our hiking through Pilot Mountain.  Sheetz carries a wide variety of bars, and we found these Kind Plus protein bars, sure enough, gluten free.

What we liked about them, besides the drizzled chocolate, was that they were not hard like a lot of nut bars.  They came pretty soft and pliable, making eating them pretty easy.  Definitely a good snack to pick up for travelling, school, or anytime you need a quick pick me up!