Good ‘N Natural at Sheetz

breakfast bar

Another Bar at Sheetz

While looking for another gluten free bar at Sheetz, we found these Good ‘n natural cranberry almond bars.  They clearly show gluten free on the label, and their website (http://www.goodnnaturalbar.com/) shows a variety of flavors.  They actually talk about the founding of their company out of their kitchen for athletes and others who wanted a wholesome bar.  By their webpage, it looks like you can find them elsewhere as well–Harris Teeter, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Kroger just to name a few.  A decent bar when needed a good snack!

Chuck E Cheese


The pizza, hot from the oven

We mentioned that my youngest was having her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.  Well that day came yesterday.  We had regular pizza for all the kids, except our two daughters, both with a gluten free pizza.  Pretty impressive too…as you can see in the picture, it came cooked in a bag.  Yes, they get these from their distributor.  The bag is part brown paper and part thin cellophane.  Interested, as both bags were burned and scorched, and I immediately worried about the pizza, but both were fine.  Then you also see the packaged gf pizza cutter that cut pretty well.

In the second picture you actually see the pizza.  Similar size to those at Mellow Mushroom, zPizza, and Bella Monica.  The pizza cutter is even marked gluten free.  And then, not sure if by design or not, having the pizza in the pie shell actually helps avoid any risk of some crumbs from other pizza contaminating this.

All in all, we were pretty happy with the way Chuck E. Cheese handled this.  At first I wondered if there would be enough interest, but apparently so.  Out of the three parties going on at the same time yesterday, we had two gf pizzas for our girls, and I saw one other at another table.  They also ordered the gf cupcake, which I spied coming in its own container, similar to those we saw on the Whole Foods Bakehouse tour last spring.  We opted to bring in our own cupcakes, but nice knowing the option is there.



Bops Chips


Bops-Organic Potato Snacks

Yeah, we all like chips.  For the most part, most come gluten free, which is nice.  While shopping at Earth Fare recently, we found Bops, Baked Organic Potato Snacks.  Great acronym, huh?  Integrated Organics (http://www.integratedorganics.com/index.htm) makes these chips, which are not as ‘turrible’ for you as regular chips.  They boast less fat, and oven baked goodness, so you could probably feel better about eating these than regular chips.  Always good to find more options!

Unique Candybars for Valentine’s Day

candy bars

Some Unique Flavors for Your Sweeties!

Everyone likes a good candybar.  And for Celiacs, they can take their choice out of many, as many exist gluten free.  While at Target in Wake Forest recently, though, we found some clearly marked gluten free ones that will definitely exercise your tastebuds.  How about Beef Jerky chocolate or Peanut Butter and banana?  Wild Ophelia (http://www.wildophelia.com/) makes these candy bars (and much more unique flavors–Southern Hibiscus Peach anyone??) While we found these in the Valentine section, according to their website, it appears you can get them year round.  Might be an interesting idea for your  Celiac!

Franklin Farms Veggie Burger


GF Veggie Burgers

So I am not one for veggie burgers myself, but my wife likes them and I know many others do. For the most part, most brands do not contain any gluten ingredients, but you still need to check the ingredient lists carefully. It definitely helps when the label the box so clearly, like Franklin Farms did with their Veggie Burgers. If you go to their website (http://veggieland.com/pages/FranklinFarmsHome.html), you can find many varieties of gluten free foods. Portabella, chili-bean, and original veggiburgers, and also portabella veggiballs, edamame (which we all LOVE!), veggimornin’ breakfast links, and veggimornin’ breakfast patties. Good to see a large variety of alternatives to hamburgers and sausage for the healthy crowd. And a great option for our Celiacs as well!

Birthday Party at Chuck-E-Cheese


Gluten Free Pizza Option

Well, our youngest daughter asked, so we will deliver her a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese this month.  So we heard a while back that Chuck-e-Cheese was experimenting with gluten free pizzas.  Now it appears they offer them at all their locations.  So after looking at their menu, we went ahead and booked.  It seems that what they do is carry frozen pizzas in a sealed bag, they cook them in the bag, and then bring you the pizza before opening it.  They also give you a disposable pizza cutter.  We will share how those pizzas taste after the party.  You can also order gluten free cupcakes, but we opted to bring our own.  More to come!

Natural Nectar Rice Sticks

rice sticks

Rice Sticks with Chocolate–Just Like the Pepperidge Farms ones!

You all have seen the chocolate sticks before.  I believe Pepperidge Farms makes some of them.  Of course, they all contain gluten.  Until now.  We found Natural Nectar offering these rice sticks, looking pretty similar to the other cookie brands.  We reviewed Natural Nectar before (click here), finding some of their crackers at Marshalls of all places.  We found these while in PA over the holidays (if you ever see a Giant Eagle–they have LOTS of gluten free items!), but you can find their items online and can make purchases at http://natural-nectar.com/b2/.

Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Mini Chips

chocolate chips

GF Chocolate Chips

Yeah, who doesn’t like some chocolate chips?  They are usually my excuse to eat a good nut and fruit mix, as long as I find a bunch of these in there.  The majority of the major brands do come gluten free, but recently we found these Enjoy Life semi-sweet chips that also come dairy free.  We often hear from folks with both gluten and dairy intolerances, so this is definitely a welcome find.  We found these at a PA grocery store chain (Giant Eagle), and have not found them around here yet, but you can order them online at http://www.enjoylifefoods.com/#page=page-1.

Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps


Cinnamon or Cheddar. Choices, choices!

We reviewed Crunchmaster crackers in the past (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=crunchmaster) that you can find at Wal*Mart and BJs.  A good little rice cracker, good for parties and snacks.  We recently found new versions, a Cheddar and a Cinnamon and Sugar, which we LOVE!  The Cheezy Crisps taste similar to Cheez-Its and other type of crackers.  The Grammy Crisps taste a little bit lighter, but with a good, sweet crunch.  Both can be found at Wal*Mart and would be great in lunches, snacks, or for travelling.  Also, with all the variety of school events, this provides two new flavors to try to match up to activities in the class.



GF Popcorn Treat

We love our quick travel snacks.  While traveling up North over the holidays we found these PopCorners at Sheetz.  Think of them as a triangular rice cake.  Pretty good too–a little salty, but a good snack for in the car, for lunches, or even for dipping, since they do seem a little tougher than a regular rice cake.  You can find them in many flavors including Sea Salt, Kettle (salty and sweet), Caramel, Jalapeno, and more.  Find their website at http://www.popcorners.com/.