Salted Caramel Bark


BJs New GF Label

Yes, sounds odd, but we picked up a pack of this recently at BJs, and mmmmm, very good!  What you have are pieces of dark chocolate held together with caramel.  Then they have large chunks of salt all over the pieces.  You would think, what a weird combination, but for this, it works.  Very odd flavors together, but very additive.  The large amount of this disappeared in our house in a single weekend.  You can see the great labeling on the back as well.  While they mark it gluten free and list the allergens clearly (wouldn’t it be nice to see every product labeled like this!), it also does say it is made in a facility that processes wheat, among other things.  So if your Celiac is ultra-sensitive, you would want to avoid this, but our girls did not show any symptoms, and they did eat a LOT!


Salted, But So Good!

Trader Jose’s Salsa


Salsa for Your GF Chips

Well, we recently reviewed Trader Jose’s tortilla chips.  You have a bag of chips, so obviously you need a dip.  Look no further than Trader Jose’s fresh salsa.  You find it in the coolers as you first enter the store.  I like the fresh types of salsa–not as pastey as the regular jars of salsa, and full of good taste, and in this case, smell.  I also like them clearly marking ‘No Gluten Ingredients Used.’  Most people would assume you would not find gluten in salsa, but you can never tell these days, so we just stick to jars that clearly say gluten free.

Almond Roca Toffee Bars


Yummy Toffee Bars

Gosh, I love some good toffee.  Recently on a trip to BJs, we looked through the candy aisle.  We found these large tins of Almond Roca, buttercrunch toffee.  We definitely like some good toffee, but we figured this would have gluten, if for no other reason, to dust the pieces with flour to keep them from sticking.   But hold on, look at the back of the label–sure enough, gluten free!


Yup, Gluten Free

Trader Joe Pizzas


3 Cheese Pizza Goodness from Trader Joe

We discovered last week that you can now get frozen gluten free pizzas from Trader Joe’s.  We picked up a couple and finally had a pizza night.  Overall, not bad, and at a decent price.  Their crust is more of the gummy kind, as opposed to the more dense and crisp crusts like Bella Monica, zPizza, and Mellow Mushroom.  This one reminded us more of Amy’s pizzas.  Good sauce and cheese.  They included big chunks of tomato, which our girls picked off, of course.  We would probably buy these again, but would definitely opt for other frozens if given the opportunity.

Trader Jose Tortilla Chips


Chips, Chips, Chips!

My family is full of chip junkies!  And thankfully, lots of gluten free options exist.  We recently found Trader Jose’s (gotta love how Trader Joe themes their products!) Tortilla Chips.  A good, unique taste and lightly salted.  The chips are pretty large and able to hold up with salsas and dips.  Look for a review on Trader Joe’s salsa soon.

So all in all, a good pickup.  We definitely like to see lightly salted things, from nuts to chips.  A good snack for parties, car trips, or even in school lunches.

Gourmet Popcorn


Herb and Spice Popcorn

So many great popcorn flavors recently.  White cheddar, cinnamon, kettle–and most gluten free.  Good time to be a Celiac!  While on a recent trip to Trader Joe’s we found another one–popcorn already popped with herbs and spices.  Some like sweet popcorn (yes, please!), some like salty popcorn (yes, again, please!), and some like it all.  Another variety for you all to try!

Trader Joe Gluten Free Flour


Flour from Baker Josef

We received the monthly Trader Joe circular in the mail recently, and what do we see?  LOTS of new gluten free items.  One being their gluten free all purpose flour.  In the circular, it said that combination rice, tapioca, and potato starch flour measures scoop for scoop with regular flour.  Good news because often the bake mixes need more than non-gluten free types.

So we went to Trader Joe to pick up a pouch and some other gluten free items you’ll see in future posts.  We are excited to try this, as we do a lot of baking and usually make our own mixture for cooking things like muffins.  We also were excited about the recipe for apple cinnamon muffins on the package, that we’ll share later!

Boom Chicka Pop


More Gluten Free Popcorn

Bagged popcorn takes all the fuss out of popping corn at home.  We’ve seen a lot of it lately, with the kettle corn, Orville Reddenbacher’s White Cheddar, among others (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=popcorn).  While shopping at Target recently, we found Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop plain popcorn.  You can find a huge variety of flavors of this popcorn (http://angiespopcorn.com/) with all of them being certified gluten free and all but two (Holidrizzle and White Cheddar) being dairy free.  We realize many with a gluten allergy or intolerance also face lactose issues as well, so nice to see options for those restricted diets.

You will find these popcorns fresh–which amazes me.  I remember the little bags of already popped popcorn, or even in department stores (anyone remember Hills, Murphy Mart, and Ames–or maybe these were all Northern stores), and remembering how STALE they were.  Not these-whatever they do–pretty fresh.  We definitely want to try more of the flavors. We want to find the Holidrizzle next year-yum!

Black Forest Valentine Hearts

fruit snacks

GF Hearts for Your Sweeties!

We repeatedly say how much we love to find holiday snacks for the girls.  I do not think we can underestimate how important it is for them to see holiday themed snacks they can eat and take in to school or to parties.  Makes them feel part of the crowd!

We recently found Black Forest Fruit Snacks in Heart shapes recently at Kroger.  They come in cherry, strawberry, and watermelon individual pouches.  In fact, they come with 28 pouches, so you could get a box and send them in, but keep a pouch for dad!

They used to clearly mark their boxes gluten free.  You can see this in our previous posts: http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=193.  Now though, while not seeing any gluten ingredients, the box does not clearly say gluten free.  I looked at their website, which is run by the Ferrara Pan company (maker of classic candies like Lemonheads and Jawbreakers) at http://www.ferrarausa.com, and I was disappointed to see them refer you on to a contact us link to ask about the ‘big 8 allergens.’  They were pretty good at identifying their ingredients.  I will update you in the future.

Valentines Bears

gummy bears

Gummy Bears–Valentine’s Style

Who doesn’t like gummy bears?  Especially flavors like Pomegranate Pucker, Mango Tango, Perfectly Peach, and Strawberry Smash?  And then when you throw in them being made with organic fruit juice, well, you persuaded us to pick up a bag!  YumEarth makes a variety of organic, gluten free treats (http://www.yummyearth.com/) in addition to the bears.  Things like sour beans, lollypops, and other flavors of bears.  Lots of yummy treats.  We picked up a bag of these individually wrapped bears to use in goody bags for my daughter’s upcoming Chuck E Cheese birthday (more info on that coming!).