Orville Redenbacher Pop Crunch

popcornWe love quick snacks that also function as great travel companions.  You definitely get that with Orville Redenbacher’s new PopCrunch snacks.  We picked up both the brown sugar cinnamon and the white and sharp cheddar mix flavors.  We love them, our girls love them, and the bags clearly sport a ‘Gluten Free’ tag.  We found these at Wal*Mart, but since we have seen them many other places as well.

Udi’s Granola Bars

A New, Yummy Granola Bar!

Mmmm…another good Udi’s product, this time granola bars.  That’s right, more gluten free granola bars.  We found these recently at Whole Foods in North Raleigh, and since we like other Udi’s products so much, we picked up two boxes.  The girls really like the chocolate chip variety.  While very ‘wet’ and ‘dense’ these definitely are soft and chewy.  A decent taste, although I would like to see them lose a little of the wetness.  Not so much for taste, but perception.  But definitely glad to see Udi’s come out with these and definitely glad our girls like them!

Almond Breeze

almond milk

Almond Breeze

Finishing our little mini-series on milk alternatives, we come to Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze almond milk.  We all know Blue Diamond for their yummy assortment of nuts (smokehouse almonds…mmmmmmm…), but they also produce a dairy and gluten free almond milk.  We know some Celiacs also suffer from lactose issues, so soy and almond milk may be the option for you.  Some even suffer soy allergies, so Almond Breeze comes lactose, gluten, and soy free.  Great to have more options for all these things that ail us.

Silk Soymilk


Silk And Gluten Free

Definitely on a milk/cold beverage kick lately.  I assume Silk’s soymilk always came gluten free, but I noticed on our most recent carton they clearly label it gluten free now.  My wife and girls use it regularly on cereal and to drink.  We drink regular milk as well, but they like soymilk sometimes as well.  Now we can do it with no fear at all.

A Twist on Betty Crocker Cupcakes


Nothing Better Than Surprise Cupcakes!

My wife recently met her two cousins at the RDU Observation Park.  For those of you unfamiliar with that, they offer a high observation deck to watch the airplanes take off and land, plus a mini playground for the kids.  The big news, however, from this trip is the surprise cupcakes my wife brought home.  Both of her cousins are also diagnosed Celiacs.  None of their children are yet, but they are younger than our girls.  One of the cousins made these cupcakes from a Betty Crocker mix, but these were MUCH moister than the usual cake mix.


She followed a recipe from A Gluten Free Guide  that called for instant vanilla pudding.  Yum!  Not only did it make them moister, but it provided a unique taste.  We really like the Betty Crocker gf mixes, and will continue to use them, but we like to find options like this.  Click the link for the recipe and some other info from a good blog!

Ice Cream Maker–Heavy Whipping Cream

ice cream maker

Shake…Shake…Shake…Gluten Free Ice Cream

So some in my household (specifically my daughters and I) will believe anything on the ‘As Seen on TV’ ads.  Yes, I have had a clapper, and the Ninja Knives, and the AlumaWallet, among others.  But this time, we saw the Ice Cream Magic makers, and they are different!  Just shake for 3 minutes, and you get homemade ICE CREAM!  My folks heard us talk about them, so sure enough, they sent two down for my girls’ in their Easter Baskets.  Pretty nice gift!  So we needed to get some ice, salt, and heavy whipping cream.  Went to Wal*Mart, and sure enough, their Great Value brand of whipping cream clearly showed gluten free.  Love those Wal*Mart labels.

Took the ingredients home (along with Hershey’s chocolate syrup) and in three minutes of shaking, we had…semi frozen chocolate ice cream/chocolate milk shakes.  Oh well…at least it was gluten free!

glutenfree cream

Gluten Free Whipping Cream

Campfire EggSwirlers

marshmellowsMarshmellows, for some reason, exist as a taboo food for Celiacs.  Sometimes, a company may label them gluten free, but if not, you read the ingredients and know none of them contain gluten, BUT you know with ‘sticky’ things they sometimes add flour (whether wheat, corn, or rice) to them to keep them from sticking.  More and more, though, are beginning to show gluten free on their labels.  We recently found Campfire’s Easter themed Eggswirlers, and, as you can see, right there on the front, gluten free!  These are big, fruit flavored marshmellows that the girls love.  We tried to roast them on the grill, but they do not easily lend themselves to grilling, but they definitely lend themselves to regular eating and snacking!

Aldi’s Fit&Active Fruit Strips

fruit strips

GF Fruit Strips

Aldi’s is definitely a store that surprises us sometimes.  We stopped recently and found a variety of gluten-free items, many of which we reviewed in the past like taco shells, cereal, drink mix, and more (click here for Aldi posts).  This time, we found Fit & Active fruit strips in a variety of flavors, all marked clearly with gluten free.  Nice find, as the girls love these fruit strips, or as we called them growing up, fruit leather. A great addition to a lunch box, when travelling, or for a quick snack!

Van’s Cereals


Van’s Cereals

I mentioned about Van’s apparent large push back into the gluten-free arena.  They never really left, with their waffles and other things, but we now see more things like these cereals and crackers.  We found these two varieties of cereal at Wal*Mart recently.

Glutino Pasta


Variety of Pastas

Found some revamped Glutino pasta recently at Wal*Mart.  We never saw these boxed types of penne and rotini.  Pretty nice to see and to be able to pick up a box or two when needed.  Glutino seems to be revamping their product lines, with new logos and varieties of products.  Plus, pretty nice just going into a Wal*Mart to pick up a bunch of products.

We love to pick up some pasta like this and allow the girls to put on their own topping.  One just likes lots and lots of Parmesan cheese while the other like meat sauce.  We actually stopped buying regular pasta, cutting down on the dishes and the prep time.  With larger boxes of pasta like this, we can all eat out of the same pot.