Gluten Free Dressings


Lots of Gluten Free Dressings

We recent found a large selection of gf salad dressings on a trip to Harris Teeter.  While we reviewed some dressings over there years (click here), we like to continue to find some variety.  Marie’s comes in a variety of flavors, from chunky blue cheese to coleslaw to ranch and caesar, and are found in the product section.    Another good plus: visit http://www.maries.com/ for some valuable coupons on their dressings.  Everyone likes coupons, especially on gf products.

Nature’s Path Waffles


Variety of GF Waffles

We recently reviewed a seemingly newcomer to gluten free foods, Nature’s Path, with their gf granola (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=nature%27s+path).  They also make the Envirokids bars and cereals, so they are not as new as they seem, just making products under the Nature’s Path label now.  While cruising the cooler aisle at Harris Teeter recently, we found a variety of their gf waffles.  We picked up homestyle, but they also make Chia (the supposedly wonder seed), wildberry, and other ancient grain varieties.

They also make a variety of gf hot cereals, granola bars, gf breads, and a large selection of cold cereals, including the ever popular Envirokids cereals we reviewed awhile back (here).  Definitely a brand to try, especially with the growing variety of products.

Gluten Free Duck Pasta



Wal*Mart continues to be a good place for a variety of different gf products.  We recently found SamMills (maker of GF granola and corn pasta here) Duck Pasta.  It comes in a bag that a typical family could get two servings out of.  The pasta itself is the usual corn taste, pretty mild, good with sauces, but like most corn pastas, it does get hard quick if left to lay around.  When reheating, adding water helps it get soft again.

While there may come a time SpagehettiOs offer a gf version, our Celiacs have not had the opportunity for ‘character’ pasta.  You can find Dora, Barbie, and all kinds of wheat pastas, but until Duck pasta, none for Celiacs.  That makes this so much more important.  Great to see this from SamMills, hopefully the start of many good things to come.

Justin’s Almond Butter


Squeeze Packs of Almond Butter

Thank goodness that peanut butter, jelly, and even almond butter comes gluten free.  Not sure what would become our girls’ lunch staple without those.  Who doesn’t like a little peanut butter on a banana?  Or on some gf crackers?  Or right out of the packet.  Packet?  Yes, Justin’s Classic Almond Butter comes gluten free, as does all of their products, and they certify them.  Viewing their website at http://www.justins.com/, you can find all kinds of varieties of butters and candies.  For those with peanut allergies, some come peanut free as well as gluten free.

We have yet to see Justin’s peanut butter cups and candy bars, but now that we know they will exist, we will be on the lookout.  We can find the single serving packs of almond butter at Kroger, among other places.  Great for travel, school lunches, and quick snacks.

Gluten Free Goldfish!!!


Mega Cheese–Mega Gluten Free

gluten free label
Yup, Gluten Free!

That’s right…actual gluten free Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Puffs.  Thanks to Margaret on the Facebook group for sending out the heads-up, we immediately went to our Harris Teeter and found three flavors of these puffs: Mega Cheese, Cheddar Bacon, and Buffalo Wings.  Delicious!  While not exactly like the traditional Goldfish, these are still mass produced, shaped like a fish, and come in great flavors.  We picked up a couple bags, and the girls loved them.  Great to have a quick cracker to put in lunches, trips, or just for snacking.  Hopefully this just represents the beginning of Pepperidge Farms’ entrance into the gluten free market.  Wouldn’t you love to see gf cookies??

GF Veggie Burgers

gf burger

Gluten Free, Meatless Deliciousness

Not all folks like ground beef or want to eat ground beef these days.  That includes Celiacs.  Thankfully, we can find many types of veggie burgers out there.  We recently found Sol Cuisine burgers at Kroger.  They come wheat and gluten free and also vegan.  While I like a good burger on the grill, my wife likes a veggie burger, and Sol Cuisine burgers grill up nicely and come with a good taste.

Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks

fruit snacks

More Kellogg’s Gluten Free

I believe we mentioned that Kellogg’s finally started releasing all their various fruity snacks as gluten free.  Great news, as so many of the popular cartoon characters come on the box.  We found some new, regular ones recently at Wal*Mart.  Love seeing that gluten free label in a prominent location.  We also found gluten free Rice Krispies again on this trip.  Hopefully we will soon see some additional gf products from Kellogg’s.

Aldi Cake Mixes


GF Mixes at Aldi

You just can’t beat Aldi for some prices.  We do not buy a lot there, but some things, like nuts, cereal, and snacks can real save you.  Recently, we even discovered gluten free baking mixes and brownie mixes.  Huge discovery.  We only purchased one of each, as we did not know how the quality would be, but we definitely kicked ourselves later, as you’ll read later in this post.

So how did they stack up?  Pretty well actually.  They come in the same size as the Betty Crocker mixes.  We used the baking mix for pancakes and biscuits.  They measured out the same, cooked the same, and tasted as good, or even better, than the Bisquick mix.  The brownie mix turned out as good as the Betty Crocker mix as well.

So why kick ourselves?  I found the mixes in the middle of Aldi’s, where they put their temporary items.  For a dollar or so less than the Betty Crocker brand, I should have picked up a couple.   When we went back a few weeks later, they were gone.  Hopefully, they will carry them again in the future.  I checked their website, but did not see any place where I could order online.  I may need to begin an email campaign!  But be on the lookout!

Better Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix

gf mixes

More GF Mixes in New Boxes

The countdown until Christmas has begun.  Did you finish your baking yet?  Ok, so we jest (although not much–we definitely get excited about and start Christmas prep early in our house).  But all joking aside, we definitely like to see more easy-to-prep mixes in the gluten free variety.  While shopping at Wal*Mart recently, we found that Betty Crocker released new, spiffy design changes on their gluten free mixes.  And sure enough, we also found a new gluten free sugar cookie mix.  Mmmm…nothing says Christmas like gluten free sugar cookies and milk.  We cannot wait to try these!

Nabisco Rice Thins

gf crackers

Crackers Go Mainstream

We definitely need to visit my parents in PA more often–they find all kinds of gluten free things.  When they found these gluten free Rice Thins from Nabisco, they picked up a couple boxes for us.  How awesome to see another large manufacturer (Nabisco) begin making gluten free products.  And a gf version of a popular cracker (Wheat Thins), now in a rice form?  You can find two versions of these, the White Cheddar and Original.  We definitely like them, very similar to many of the other crackers we reviewed lately.  Light and airy with the powdery cheese and a pretty good taste.  My mom found them at Wal*Mart in PA, and on a recent trip here, we found them at the Wake Forest Wal*Mart.

So…gluten free Teddy Grahams, Oreos, Ritz, and Nutter Butters coming now?  (All Nabisco products).  One can certainly hope so!!!