Whole Foods Bake Shop Confetti Cake


GF Confetti Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t like cake?  Especially already made, just buy, and bring home cake.  Well, we found it, and took it home, and enjoyed it.  Chocolate Confetti Cake.  Yeah, that sounds pretty good.  We found it on a whim recently at Whole Foods.  We honestly just stopped for some of the Bakehouse White bread that our girls like so much (and the Prairie Bread for the wife), and I just saw it in the cooler calling to me.  After that, I had no recourse but to buy it.

Like many other gf products, Whole Foods makes this at the dedicated gluten-free facility in Morrisville.  The Raleigh Cel Kids toured the facility a few years ago (part one of the tour here) and it was great to see a dedicated facility just churning out a variety of gluten free items.  Cupcakes, bread, tarts, and now even these quick grab cakes.  Not a huge cake in circumference, but definitely great to take to a small party, pick up something special for the family, or just because you want cake.  Inside you find some rich, chocolate cake and fudgish frosting.  Very yummy.  You also notice all the jimmies (sprinkles to you Southerners) on top too.  Definitely something to try out!

Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

ice cream

GF Ice Cream Sandwiches

ice cream sandwich

Mmm…There it Is!

Wow!  Does it get any better than a gluten free ice cream sandwich?  When we start seeing gf novelty items, we really made it!  We picked a four pack of Julie’s Organic /Glutenfreeda ice cream sandwiches at Kroger recently.  We have been wanting to try them for awhile, but never got around to it.

They come in a nice container, four to a container.  Each sandwich is individually wrapped.  When you open them, you find two, big, round, thick cookies trapping some pretty good vanilla ice cream.  Cookies had a pretty good taste as well.  A little on the expensive side, so we would not pick these up regularly, but definitely something to keep in mind for some special treats!

Found More evol Meals

evol meals

More Quick Meals

We did not try any of these, but you can see some of the evol gf meals that Kroger stocks.  And they look GOOD!  Fire Grilled Steak?  MMMMM!  We reviewed evol’s gluten free quesadillas here, but we did not think we would find more of their products stocked in the store.  Not so–so you can go out and try yours now!

GF Valentine’s Pirate Booty

pirate booty

Arrrrr…You Going to Be My Valentine?

Well, we missed getting this up in time for Valentine’s Day, but glad to see the folks at Pirate’s Booty prepare for the holidays!

Dr. Praeger’s GF Fish Sticks

fish sticks

GF Fish Sticks

Continuing our mini-series on quick meals, today we’ll take a look at Dr. Praeger’s potato crusted fish sticks.  We found them recently in the frozen section of Target.  So glad to see things like this.  Our girls’ palates are not that mature yet, as most kids, so we stick with the basics-pb&js on gluten free bread, gf chicken nuggets, Chick-fil-A tenders.  We were quite glad to find these fish sticks.  You can already find Ian’s gluten free fish sticks (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=91) at places like Kroger, so finding these were a bonus.

Just like the evol products we reviewed recently, you can find gluten and gluten free products from Dr. Praeger.  Following this link (http://www.drpraegers.com/Gluten-Free-C65.aspx) you find all the gluten free products they offer.  Quite the unique line of products!  Sweet potato pancakes?  Spinach, sweet potato, broccoli, and potato littles?  California veggie burgers?  Lots of interesting products to try.  We only found the fish sticks while out and about.  What did we think?  The girls preferred Ian’s over these.  The adults preferred these over Ian’s.  The breading is definitely different, Ian’s with a more crunchy crust, while Dr. Praeger’s was more similar to cooked on vs. fried.  The girls did like these, just not as much.  We will definitely pick them up again, as possibly the potato or the fish gave them a unique taste.

evol GF Quesadillas


Chicken GF Quesadillas

We LOVE quick meals.  Unfortunately, up until now, quick meals and gluten free lifestyles did not easily merge.  However, recently, we have been finding more and more quick meals.  Kroger and Target really stepped up their frozen offerings.  We will review some things we found at Kroger soon, but today we will take a look at evol’s gluten free chicken quesadillas.

evol (http://evolfoods.com/) sells a variety of frozen foods such as burritos, fajitas, dinners, and the quesadillas.  You can actually find all 15 of their gluten free offerings here: http://evolfoods.com/gluten-free/.  Pretty tasty sounding options like gf smoked gouda mac & cheese, chicken tikka masala, thai style curry chicken (in a meal for 2 bag), and more.  Lots of great options.  They DO sell gluten items as well, so you will want to watch that.

We picked up the gf chicken for the girls and the grilled steak (not GF) for me.  Each box comes with two decent sized quesadillas and a side of guacamole for those liking that.  You heat them up, and there’s your quick dinner/meal.  Pretty tasty too.   Often, microwave heated things, especially tortillas, become rubbery, but these stay nice and without any of the weird microwave-y things.  Definitely  good pick-up!


Trader Joe Corn Penne


More GF Pasta

I am just amazed at how many gluten free pastas you can now find.  From going to a few brands which pretty much fell apart in water to the national brands selling a good texture pasta, we’ve come a long way.  You can pretty much find gluten free pasta anywhere you go now.  Recently at Trader Joe, we spotted this gluten free corn pasta in penne shapes.  We definitely trend toward the corn flavors, as it stands up to cooking better and generally tastes more like regular pasta.  Great to find more and more options out there!

Angie’s Valentine Kettle Corn


Smoochy GF Kettle Corn

Valentine’s Day is here, even though I noticed the stores putting out things on December 26th (no lie!).  A difficult task always used to be finding gluten free Valentine treats, but so many things exist now, you only need to choose which you want.

We recently found Angie’s Tutti Frutti Kettle Corn snack packs at the Target by Triangle Town Center.  Angies makes a variety of popcorn treats, including Holidrizzle and Boom Chicka Pop (reviews here: http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=angie).  Now you can pick up these snack packs that come in 16 individual bags for your children to pass out at school or for their lunches, or for pretty much any reason.

Trader Joe Chocolate Chip Cookies



Yeah, we like some cookies!  Especially finding chocolate chip gluten free cookies.  We did just that recently on a trip to Trader Joe.  We saw their Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies in the past, but did not pick them up until recently.  Glad we did this time–pretty good cookies!  Especially dipped in milk!

Oskri Bars


More GF Bar Goodness

Concluding our mini bar review, we look at Oskri bars today.  We also found these at Sheetz.  For a ‘gas station,’ you can definitely find a wide variety of quick gf snacks at Sheetz.  Oskri (http://oskri.com/) represents another health-conscious company making organic snacks.

While we only found an assortment of bars at Sheetz from Oskri, by visiting their website, you can find a large line of products, all gluten free.  From dried fruit to nuts to syrups to granolas, you can find quite a lot of gluten free items.  Peach granola?  Yes, please!  Or their bagged snacks called Crunches, which contain nuts, dried fruits, and other flavors.

For bars, you can also find quite a variety.  At Sheetz we found coconut, apple, fig, and date bars.  A gluten free fig bar?  Yes!  Definitely more good quick snacks you can pick up at your local Sheetz.  A new Sheetz coming to North Raleigh, too!  Find it opening probably in February at the corner of Litchford and Old Wake Forest.