Toufayan Wraps


Gluten Free Wrapps

What a surprising find.  Just happened to cruise the baked goods area of Food Lion recently, and saw piles of both of these Toufayan gluten free wraps.  I had to pick them up, as we love making wraps for dinners and lunches.  Toufayan makes a variety of gluten wraps and pita bread and more, but they also make these gluten free wraps. We definitely preferred the spinach over the regular, but I would buy either again.  The only trouble was they were pretty crumbly.  Regular wraps allow you to roll them and do not break apart.  These, as you roll them up, begin to flake.  Definitely due to the gluten free ingredients, but we are getting closer for these types of things.

I repeat I would buy these again.  The crumbling did get a little annoying, but you do not need wrap these.  You could make quesadillas out of them or any other number of things.

Trix are For Celiacs…

trix fruit snacks

Silly Rabbit…

Ok, still not the cereal (remember that rumor a couple years ago), but Trix fruit snacks ARE gluten free.  We found these large boxes (28 pouches) at Target recently.  Nicely dressed up for Easter.  Good for snacking, school packing, or travel.

Easter Fruit By the Foot

fruit by the foot

Easter By the Foot?

Well, we found Fruit Roll-Ups, so of course we would find Easter Fruit By the Foot.  Nothing much to say other than you can pick up these boxes at Target.  26 in a box, a basket stuffer as the box says.  Not sure why you would fill children’s baskets with 26 Fruit by the Foots, but some people may have their reasons!

Definitely nice, however, to find more snacks with a holiday flavor, even if just with holiday wrapping.  Good to throw a couple in the car for travelling, or for school lunches, or maybe your child’s school does an Easter party.  Do they do those?

Easter Fruit Roll-Ups

fruit roll-ups

Hop Up to Some Easter Fruit Roll-Ups

Are you ready for the onslaught that is Easter marketing?  We went to Target recently and found pretty much every product repackaged in bright, pastel colors.  Luckily, many of them come gluten free.  Betty Crocker, we know, has done a great job over the years with gluten free labeling.  We found their Easter Fruit Roll-Ups mini rolls, and sure enough, they marked them gluten free.  They come in boxes of 36, so perfect for lunches, snacks, or, in the odd case, if your child’s school does an Easter celebration, although I do think those are pretty rare these days.  More Easter marketing to come…

Annie’s Bunny Snacks

fruit snacks

Annie’s Fruit Snacks….Finally GF

For so long we waited for Annie’s fruit snacks to come gluten free.  We did not understand how they could sell gluten free mac and cheese, but not fruit snacks.  Have no fear, though, you can now get all their fruit snacks gluten free.  Berry patch, Pink Lemonade, and other flavors now come gluten free.  Big news, as you can find these fruit snacks pretty much anywhere.  We found the new gf ones recently at Target.

Annie’s has done a nice job with their gluten free products.  When our oldest was first diagnosed years ago, we bought the original Annie’s mac and cheese, then the microwavable cups.  Love them.  Girls love them.  So nice and easy.  It appears, as well, that besides the fruit snacks and cookies, they will produce some gluten free dinners (think Hamburger Helper).  Find the whole gf list here: http://www.annies.com/products/special-diets/.

Qrunch Quinoa Burgers



More quick meals make for happy parents!  We found Qrunch quinoa burgers in a variety of unique flavors recently at Target.  Most veggie burgers come gluten free (but always check), and now Qrunch brings some new flavors to the fold.  We found Spicy Italian and Sweet Curry in a recent trip.  Qrunch (http://qrunchfoods.com/)  makes only certified gluten-free products.  They also come corn, animal, soy, egg, nut, and dairy free.  We do not often mention other allergens, as we just focus on gluten free products, but nice to see a product hit all the other biggies as well.  Besides the two flavors we found, you can also get them in Green Chile and regular burger.  May actually be a flavor I would try!

Interesting on their website they say they can be cooked in the toaster oven.  One of my issues with veggieburgers is the fact the fall apart, especially when grilling.  Love seeing more ‘qrunchy’ products.  You can find other interesting ideas on their website like making QLTs, butters, and putting an egg on top.  Definitely another good, quick meal idea!

EOS Lip Balm

lip balm

GF Lip Balm

We do not often think of thinks we put on our bodies (lotions, shampoos, lip gloss, etc) when checking for gluten free products.  We should though, as all these have the potential for carrying hidden gluten.  We have heard many stories of rashes and other symptoms in using gluten products.  Fortunately, more and more come gluten free.  One, in particular, is my girls favorite new product.  They actually want to use THEIR OWN MONEY to buy it.  How weird!

What is it?  EOS lip balm eggs.  EOS stands for evolution of smooth and you can find more here:  http://evolutionofsmooth.com/.  I call them lip balm eggs, as they look like one, open up, and allow the girls to spread the lip balm on.  Or maybe they remind me of a golden snitch (Harry Potter term).  Either way, they put these in the checkout lanes at stores (we found them at Target) and our girls always want more.  Interesting flavors, strawberry sorbet and honeysuckle among others, although you really should not be eating them!

They clearly come gluten free, so you can feel a little better about what you put on your lips!  They also sell gluten free hand and body lotions.  Keep gluten free!!!

Panera Soup


Warm Soup for the Cold Winter Months

We love Panera.  Sandwiches, salads, and their awesome soups.  Unfortunately many (or maybe even most) of their soups contain wheat in some form or another.  Bravo then, for us finding gluten free soups recently at BJs.  We found a variety of flavors including Tuscan Style Chicken Soup and Creamy Broccoli Cheddar among others.  They come two containers to a pack, with one container being enough at least for two people, if not more.  Pretty good taste too.  Just heat and eat.  We actually froze one and prepared the other.  Another nice, quick easy meal.

We know many of you may not be members of BJs, but for this product, we see you can also find it at Target.  Probably other places as well.

Popcorn, Indiana’s Fit Popcorn


Fit or Not…We Love Popcorn

Skinny popcorn for the win!  Not sure how popcorn can be fit, although it definitely is a better option than most snacks.  Good to see more individual, ‘school-ready’ snackpacks out there.  We found Popcorn, Indian’s fit individual bags recently at BJs.  They come 21 bags to a box.  We reviewed Popcorn, Indiana’s products before (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=popcorn%2C+indian), so we’re glad to see more products coming from them.  Love to see good, semi-healthy snacks for our Celiac girls!

Kikkoman’s Soy Sauce

soy sauce

Kikkoman Finally GF

Up until this point, we used La Choy soy sauce, as Kikkoman did not come gluten free.  Now, though, we found a gluten free variety of Kikkoman.  Or more exactly, my mother-in-law (hi, Sue!) found it and served it to us at a recent dinner at their house.  Great news, as I prefer Kikkoman to LaChoy and we eat an awful lot of jasmine rice in our house.  You can find more info about it here: http://www.kikkomanusa.com/homecooks/products/products_hc_details.php?pf=10106&fam=101, with the best of the news being that the gf variety is Certified GF, so no cross contamination.  Good news!