Nature’s Place Gluten Free Pizza


More GF Pizza Options

So I mentioned being unprepared for our first trip to Camp Seafarer and luckily Food Lion in Araphoe, NC coming to the rescue?  We found bread, bars, and a couple type of gf pizzas.  Another one we found is Nature’s Place.  I had not heard of Nature’s Place, but a quick Google Search revealed it as Food Lion’s store brand of organic foods, much like Kroger’s did recently.  You can find more about this line at http://www.foodlion.com/ourbrands/naturalorganic.

We did not buy this pizza (available in cheese and pepperoni), but I did want to review it as it provides yet another option for us.  You can always find a Food Lion in North Carolina, so now, you can always find some quick meals as well.

Boulder Canyon Veggie Crisps

Veggie Chips

GF Veggies Crisps

You can find so many great gluten free snacks pretty much everywhere these days.  We definitely like trying new ones and found these Boulder Canyon Garden Select Vegetable Crisps recently at Kroger.  Another ‘all natural’ company with a lot of variety.

You can see more at their website (http://www.bouldercanyonfoods.com/), but you really can find a large variety of gluten free chips, crisps, and what I want to try, baked sweet potato fries.  Lots of varieties to choose from, from Olive Oil Kettle Crisps, to Red Wine Vinegar (which does say gluten free), to Parmesan & Garlic.  The only one I saw from their long list of products containing gluten was the Hummus and Sesame Chips, but other than that, lots of variety for you to try!



Candy/Fruit/Snack/Nut Bars–Oh, and Gluten Free

Ok, our girls would probably live on these if we let them. Every time we enter a store like Kroger’s or Sheetz that carry them, the girls just sense where they are and begin asking for them. So funny. Nice though, as we do not need to stress too much about them, they contain some relatively healthy ingredients and come in a range of flavors.  You can find more about them at http://www.larabar.com/.

We have commented many times about all the great bars out there, and LaraBar is no different.  They tout themselves as containing a ‘delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices’ with ‘no more than nine ingredients.’  Maybe not all the time, but we definitely do not mind giving the girls these as a snack sometimes.  From Apple Pie to Banana Bread, from Coconut Cream Pie to Chocolate Coconut Chew, your Celiacs will definitely find a flavor to satisfy them.


pdq logo

PDQ–Fresh, Fast Foods

We visited PDQ way back before Christmas and now just finally wrote a post on them.  Right off the start, full disclosure, you will not find any gluten free friendly statement from PDQ on their website (http://www.eatpdq.com/) or in their restaurant.  We did find their Falls of Neuse location’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PDQFalls/posts/398763470199919) which referenced a gluten free menu coming soon and that if you talk to the folks in the restaurant, they can work with any allergy/intolerance.  With that said, we decided to go ahead and try.  We mentioned in the past our daughters do not seem ultra-sensitive, so with some precautions, they seem to do fine.  Just for the record, PDQ says their grilled chicken and fries are gluten free, as the fries are cooked in a dedicated frier of soybean oil.   The girls also like the Coke Freestyle machine.  If you did not yet find one of these, you can find them in places like PDQ, Moe’s, and BurgerFi.  It is a touch screen that lets you make a large variety of drinks.  For instance, not just Coke Zero, but maybe you want a Cherry or Vanilla Coke Zero.  Our girls love these!

Again, I would not recommend this for anyone with large sensitivities to gluten.  For us though, like places such as Mellow Mushroom, zPizza, and others, where contamination could occur, we went ahead and tried PDQ.  No noted side effects, so we will probably try this again sometime.  You can find many locations on our Raleigh Cel Kids Google Map (click here) at Falls of Neuse, Wake Forest (on 98 by Carolina Ale House), and in Cary.

Hoppy Easter With Utz

cheese balls

Here Come Utz’s Cotton Tails…Hopping Down the Celiac Trail…

Happy Easter, Everyone!  We have already gone through our egg hunt and both girls found these Utz Cotton Tails white cheese balls in their baskets.   Utz does a great job with labeling their products, and these are no exception.  On the back, by the ingredients, you see ‘This is a gluten free food.’

Good snack, good gift, good thing to pick up for travel, snacks, or just because.

Gluten Free Manischewitz Cake Mixes

gf cake mix

Gluten Free for Our Jewish Friends

With all the Spring holidays approaching, we focus on just the Celiac part of things, without thoughts to foods that may be Kosher for those celebrating Passover.  While on a recent trip to Kroger, we found a large variety of Kosher gluten free products from Manischewitz.  From gluten free cake mixes to gluten free crackers, you can find a variety of products to help you stay gluten free in your religious celebrations.  You can find more products at http://www.manischewitz.com/healthcorner.html.

Bold Organics Pizza


Lots of GF Pizzas

When you travel with Celiacs, you definitely need to bring lots of your own products.  You never know if the area you travel to will have gluten free items, so you want to play it safe.  In a previous  post I mentioned I spent the past two weekends with each daughter at Camp Seafarer in Araphoe for Y Princesses.  Camp food does not usually lend itself to the Celiac lifestyle, so we planned a variety of similar products.

Sounds good, right?  If we would have brought those similar products on the first trip, anyway.  Yes, we forgot.  Forgot the bread.  Forgot the pizza.  What to do?  If you’ve ever been to the Arapahoe/Oriental area of North Carolina, you know it is pretty rural.  New Bern, about 30 minutes away, probably would stock products, but we really did not want to spend another hour in the car.  We decided to check out the Food Lion, not expecting much.  Boy, were we wrong!

We found a variety of gluten free pizzas and a couple types of gluten free breads.  Score!  One of the things we found, Bold Organics pizza (http://bold-organics.com/), was something we never saw before.  When we returned home, I checked out that company more, and it turns out, they make a few different gluten-free pizzas, some even dairy free for those also with lactose issues.  What a great find!

How things change!  I do not think 2-3 years ago we would have been as lucky.  My oldest would probably eat chips and gf bars all weekend.  Props to Food Lion for not just stocking gf in the ‘trendy, city’ areas, but all over our state.  Props to me as well for MAKING SURE I did a better job packing the next weekend with my other daughter!  No Food Lion runs needed!

Wow Snickerdoodles


Yummy, Yummy Cookies

The name of these says it all–wow!  We found these cookies recently at Whole Foods, and loved them!  Definitely ones to try.  While you can find a lot of gf cookies these days, rare do you find soft, chewy ones.  That is just what you find wiht Wow Snickerdoodles!

You can find more about Wow here (http://www.wowbaking.com/).  When browsing through their site, you can see their commitment to gluten free, or more certified gluten free foods.  A nice variety of products, from tubs of cookie dough, to individual packs of cookies, to a variety of baking mixes (spiced cake, yum!).  Another great find, and a company to check out!

Barbara’s Puffins Cereal


Barbara’s GF Cereals

Kroger is the bomb these days for finding gluten free products.  We love the Strickland/Falls of Neuse Location (Raleigh Cel-Kids Map).  I have not visited any other Kroger’s to see if they carry the same large number of gf products, but this one definitely is worth a trip.  In the healthy/organic section recently we found Barbara’s Puffins Honey Rice cereal with a large gluten free label.  Score!  We used to eat Barbara’s cereals PC (pre-Celiac) so to find one gluten free makes us happy.  I even snagged a few bowlfuls of this cereal!

Looking at their website (http://barbaras.com/faq/#faq-2523), they actually produce three gluten free cereals.  Whereas we only found the Honey Rice, you can also get Multigrain and Brown Rice Crisps.  You can tell they are aware of Celiac as well, as they list that their batches of these gf cereals contain 20ppm (parts per million) or less of gluten.  Something you do not see regularly from companies.  Good on Barbara’s for getting these gluten free cereals out to us!

Mariana Yogurt Raisins

yogurt raisins

Yogurt Makes Everything Better!

We picked up some yogurt raisins recently at Harris Teeter.  We usually just do the regular, Sun Maid brand.  While those do not come with a gluten free label, the girls have eaten them with no problem.  We found Mariani’s Yogurt Raisins and they do show a gluten free label on the front (although my picture is a little blurry).  When you look on the back, however, you see a ‘product made on same equipment’ meaning they share the production line with wheat ingredients.  A little bit counter-intuitive there, and maybe even sketchy.  People are looking for the gluten free labels these days, so many may see the green gf label on the front, and then not consult the back ingredients list or the website (http://www.mariani.com/faq/#gluten).

We did go ahead and pick up these raisins.  Historically, our girls have not been ultra-sensitive to gluten, although we can definitely tell when they do get ‘glutened.’  Others may not be so lucky.  I think companies need to do a better job at not misleading the general public though.  Maybe put your gf label on the front with a big asterisk.  That may remind some to look on the back.  Regardless, though, if you wish to try these, they taste just like the Sun Maid brand.   Great little snacks.