Great Value (Wal*Mart) Cookies


Generic Oreos!

To round out our little mini-series on all the new products from Wal*Mart, we also found chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies (Oreos).  Another great find.  You can see they come in a pretty large package for a decent price.  So often gf cookies come in a smaller package at a much higher price.

I love to see this, as so many times you need quick cookies for school, a project (Dirt–an awesome dessert!), or just for a snack.  Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and other stores can be a hassle to get to at times, but you can always find a Wal*Mart.  So excited to see them expand their options, and looking forward to seeing more gluten free items in the future!

Wal*Mart Granola

granola bar

More GF Wal*Mart Goodness

Continuing the series of new Wal*Mart gluten free products, we come to granola bars.  Bars like these have been around as long as this family has been gluten free.  Lots of variety here, but nice, again, to see a cheap product come in.  Five bars in a pack for $2.50, not too bad!  A few different flavors as well.  Fruit mix, trail mix, and our favorite, chocolate chip!

Wal*Mart Cookies


GF Cookies

So we mentioned Wal*Mart’s extensive new line of gluten free products.  Some of you noticed those as well.  Another thing we found were gluten free chocolate chip cookies.  Who can go wrong with cookies, especially at a reasonable price.  This sort of reminds me of the Chips-Ahoy style container, not the small little containers that usually come with gf cookies.

Definitely excited to see this, and the other cookie varieties, as it will hopefully improve pricing on the ‘traditional’ gluten free products.  We definitely do not want to see them go out of business, but we want cheaper prices so we don’t go out of business!  As we see more national brands of gf products, I think we will see prices lower.

Wal*Mart GF Pretzels


Gluten Free Pretzels at Wal*Mart

Wow!  Wal*Mart really wants a piece of the gluten free buying cake.  We noticed some new products recently, then on a trip to the Wal*Mart behind Triangle Town Center this weekend, we found a BUNCH of new products.  One, gluten free pretzels, you can see in the image.  You can also see the price.  Definitely a big difference between these and the Glutino Pretzels, which we love.

These pretzels come under the Great Value brand of Wal*Mart.  We picked up a bag, and they pretty much taste the same as the Glutino.  We really like GF pretzels, with a good taste and decent crunch.  We love seeing some cheaper competition, and we will share a bunch more new Wal*Mart products soon.  Definitely take a look at the GF section next time you see a Wal*Mart.

Gluten Free Pizelles


Yummy, crispy, ‘pitt-zells’

Growing up in the North, ethnic food was a staple of life.  Living outside Pittsburgh, you had your Italian section, your German section, your Polish section, etc, etc.  One of the best things of all those groups–the food!  One thing I ate a lot growing up were pizzelles.  Think a waffle cone that never gets folded up into a cone.  Traditionally they also had anise flavoring, but many people just make them vanilla now.   Obviously, traditionally they are cooked with wheat.

On a joyous day, we found GLUTEN FREE pizzelles.  You can get them online, or we actually found them at a Wal*Mart in Pennsylvania (yes, Wal*Mart!).  If you cannot find them, you can order them online: http://glutenfreepizzelles.com/.  Really a classic cookie for my family, and you can find out more about making them.  You actually get a pizzelle iron, similar to a waffle iron.  Some even come with a variety of presses, to make them in various designs.  Mmmmm!

Marshmellow Peeps…All Year Long…


So many Peeps…

So on first glance, finding Peeps all year long, not just on holidays, may seem like a good thing.  Although I trend toward the direction of keeping them special for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.  Regardless of my feelings, however, you can now find Peeps Minis all year long.  We found this display of them recently at the Triangle Town Center Target.  You can get 24 baby chicks in every resealable bag.  They come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate creme, strawberry creme, and sour watermelon.  Hmm…quite interesting flavors.

The good news?  Like all other Peeps, these Peeps Minis do come gluten free.  So if interested in these flavors, you can pick them up pretty much everywhere right now.  As for me, I’ll wait for Halloween!!