Annie’s Snack Kits

snack mix

Who Doesn’t Like Quick Snack Mixes?

You gotta love quick snacks and lunchbox fillers.  Well, we sure do!  We found another good one on a recent trip to Target.  Annie’s has been a gluten free staple for years with their mac and cheese, cookies, and other things.  Now, we found snack kits.  Inside each kit, you’ll find a gf trail mix, granola bar, fruit bites, and bunny cookies.  Probably not something you’ll pick up for lunch everyday, but I can definitely see buying these for school field trips, beach trips, vacations, car rides, and overnights at grandparents and sleepovers.  Another good option for variety.  We love their cookies and fruit snacks.  You can’t go wrong with a granola bar.  And trail mix.  All yum!

Chex Oatmeal


GF Oatmeal Goes Mainstream

Up until now, you could find gluten free oatmeal, but just mostly in specialty stores.  Oatmeal, when treated properly, can be gluten free.  Now, however, you can find mainstream gf oatmeal by General Mills.  Packaged under the Chex brand, we found gluten free oatmeal at a variety of stores including Wal*Mart, Target, and Kroger.  Comes in individual envelopes like your traditional oatmeal, and in a variety of flavors.  We picked up apples and cinnamon.  The first thing I noticed was there was a lot more in each envelope than the other brands.  Makes for a big bowl of oatmeal.

It was the first time our girls tried oatmeal, with milk poured on top, and neither really cared for it.  Oh well, more for me!  Maybe they will grow into that taste.  Could be, as well, that we ate it in the middle on the summer.  Maybe on those cold January mornings they will appreciate it more!

Aldi’s Weekly Ad

aldi ad

Lots of GF at Aldi’s!

We opened the Aldi’s ad in yesterday’s News and Observer, and were shocked to see Aldi’s new line of gluten free products prominently displayed.  It seems they had good luck with their cake mixes awhile back (click here), so they expanded their line.  We do mean expanded.  While we did not go to a store yet (but will race there this weekend!), just from the ad we see lots of things we want to try.  Pizzas.  Baked chewy bars.  Pretzel sticks.  Wraps.  Pasta.  Chicken nuggets.  Cookies.  Even gf frozen lasagna.  So exciting!  We notice the store brands coming, like all the additions to Wal*Mart (click here), which seems to be helping lower all the gf prices.  Good news, and hope to see further products coming from national chains.

You can find lots of Aldi stores in the Triangle by viewing the Raleigh Cel Kids Google Map here.

Where’ve We Been?

A little bit of everywhere, to answer the question!  Definitely a busy summer in our family.  We hope to get back to some regular postings, although we are seeing so many great resources out there to help as well.  From other blogs, websites, and apps, the whole gluten-free/Celiac experience is much different when we started this blog several years ago.  In that thought, our blog could change as well, and we would love to know what you would like to see this space used for.  Still posting new gluten free items we find?  Questions for the group?  Please comment to share your thoughts!