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Can Wide-Open Chocolate Be Gluten Free?

Recently we noticed Post’s Pebbles cereals now carry the ‘Gluten Free’ label on both their Fruity and Cocoa flavors.  While the ingredients always suggested their possible gluten-free-ness, the label now makes it prominent.

There is a little controversy with Post labeling their Pebbles gluten-free.  It seems they ‘certified’ their cereal gluten free (http://blog.julesglutenfree.com/?p=566).  This does bring up an important question…who does certify all these foods we eat?  There are independent food certifiers who will independently determine if a food is gluten free or not.  Few go through that, since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only recommends it and does not yet require labeling and certification.  We really the FDA to make that a requirement, and we need Congress to act on a three year old mandate.  At the blog above (Jules), you will find more, including how to get in touch with Congress.

So, long story short–do we allow our Celiacs to eat Pebbles?   We have allowed the Chex, without a certified GF label, so we did pick up a box of Pebbles.  We will watch closely for symptoms, just like we do with all things marked gluten free, without the certification.

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