Gluten Free Options from Kelloggs?

Could it be true?  Could one of the largest, if not the largest cereal manufacturers finally be releasing some gluten free options?  Appears true.  I could not find anything about it on Kellogg’s site, but a blog post from Gluten Free Appetite (http://www.glutenfreeappetite.com/index.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=428&Itemid=54) shows the box.  Unfortunately they did not just reformulate their existing Rice Krispies (malt flavoring), but made a new variety with Brown Rice and Molasses.  So…what does that mean?  Probably a higher cost for a box of cereal.  Like usual, Celiacs will pay more for something that could be made cheaper.  But, I suppose, we should just be happy to have another mainstream cereal choice.  First the Chex from General Mills.  Then the Pebbles from Post.  And now some Brown Rice Krispies from Kelloggs.  Hopefully we’ll see even more varieties.

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