Information from Trevor at Bella Monica…

Thanks so much for coming to our Raleigh Cel-Kids pizza party on Sunday! We asked Trevor the best way to get the word out about Bella Monica flatbread pizzas and the restaurant, here is what he suggested:

The best thing everyone can do is to jump on www.glutenfreeraleigh.blogspot.com and drop off some reviews of the product and mentions of the restaurant as well. The same reviews can be left on our facebook.com group – keyword bella monica – as well as on the guest book section of www.bellamonica.com

Dropping some stuff into Celiac.com’s GF product section helps too!


Lastly, buying the pizzas always helps the cause but that probably goes w/o saying.

If you enjoyed the pizzas, please comment and support the company. We need these businesses to support our group and use our feedback to continue to create tasty gluten-free products. Also, our group relies on donations and it was certainly generous of Corbett and Trevor to open Bella Monica restaurant on Sunday just for Cel-Kids.

Thanks, look forward to seeing you all again!


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