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Ok, so do we have any Northerners reading this blog?  We recently took a trip to Western Pennsylvania, finding many gluten-free items along the way.  As all parents of Celiacs probably learned long ago, when traveling, you really need to plan ahead. You will probably find gluten free items wherever you go, but you need to spend a little time researching the area.

In Pennsylvania, Eat-N-Park is a traditional chain of ‘diner’ restaurants.  You will find them practically from the middle of the state to the Western border, including some over the border.  The food includes lots of home cooking, various burgers, sandwiches, fish, and chicken.  They rotate menu items frequently.  And then the famous Smiley cookie (of which, they currently do not offer a gluten free version). I had heard they offer many gluten free options, but until we got there and took a look at the menu, did we see how much.

First off, the Celiac Friendly options were part of the regular menu.  I like that, no special notebook, no chef comes out, it is right on the menu like the other food.  I also like it called Celiac friendly instead of just gluten free.  This suggests they know Celiac to be a disease and not a food fad or diet.  The girls split a plain chicken breast, lightly seasoned, and chomped it down!  They also make gluten free sandwich rolls that you can take home.

Love seeing a regional chain offer such a robust Celiac menu.  Makes traveling all that much easier!

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