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My sister in Pennsylvania found and picked up a Gluten-free cookbook for us over Christmas.  I also found a small one in the Louisburg Wal*Mart checkout line over the Holidays as well.  Both have a variety of recipes new to us that we have tried already.

In the Gluten-Free Recipes, we found a great recipe for Gingerbread–not the hard, cookie type, but a soft, moist bread.  VERY tasty for all.  Also included is a sour cream cranberry coffee cake, apple crepe, asiago garlic rolls, and many, many tasty recipes.  Check out your Wal*Mart checkout lines to see if you can find it!

My sister did a good job finding our other new cookbook, The Gluten-Free Bible.  Although she tried to peel off the tag, I can see it came from Ollie’s.  She lives up in Pennsylvania, but you can find Ollie’s in Cary.  Click here for the Raleigh Cel-Kids Google Map.  This nice sized cookbook, or Bible, if you will contains a TON of great information.  It begins with a great recap of Celiac, what it is, what is being done, then moves on to shopping for Celiacs, creating baking mixes, and includes information on how to store these things and not cross-contaminate.  I can definitely see this being a GREAT tool/gift for the newly diagnosed Celiac.  And then the bulk of the book contains another good variety of recipes.  Like an apple and raisin oven pancake.  Or a strawberry shortcake  with the flour blend it shows how to make.  And the one we want to try–cinnamon scones.  Lots of variety!


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