More Options for Gluten Free Soup

Gluten Free Soup

GF Chicken Noodle--Finally!

How nice to be able to find canned soup.  Yes, we make our own with gluten free noodles, but we would so appreciate finding cans of soup that you just need to throw on the range and heat up.  But…have no fear…there are options now:

-Christine shared on Facebook gf soup she recently found at Target  (see link below)

-we found Gluten Free Cafe soup at Kroger.  If you remember, Gluten Free Cafe makes a line of frozen dinners that you can also find at Whole Foods and Kroger.  We tried the chicken noodle, and I must say, tasted pretty good.

Nothing beats a good bowl of soup on a cold day, so we now have a gluten free soup.  Now, here in Raleigh, we just need a cold day!!


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