Candy/Fruit/Snack/Nut Bars–Oh, and Gluten Free

Ok, our girls would probably live on these if we let them. Every time we enter a store like Kroger’s or Sheetz that carry them, the girls just sense where they are and begin asking for them. So funny. Nice though, as we do not need to stress too much about them, they contain some relatively healthy ingredients and come in a range of flavors.  You can find more about them at http://www.larabar.com/.

We have commented many times about all the great bars out there, and LaraBar is no different.  They tout themselves as containing a ‘delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices’ with ‘no more than nine ingredients.’  Maybe not all the time, but we definitely do not mind giving the girls these as a snack sometimes.  From Apple Pie to Banana Bread, from Coconut Cream Pie to Chocolate Coconut Chew, your Celiacs will definitely find a flavor to satisfy them.

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