Whole Foods Bakehouse Tour, Part I

Lee Tobin

Lee Begins Our Tour

A long time coming, but finally we can share part one of the recent Raleigh Cel-Kids and Raleigh Adult Celiac Support Group tour of the Whole Foods Gluten Free Bakehouse Tour we recently took at their factory in Morrisville, NC.  Before we begin this mini-series of posts, we want to send out a large thanks to Lee Tobin.  Lee runs the Bakehouse and has been a strong supporter of the Celiac support groups here in the Triangle.  We also want to thank all the other Whole Foods Bakehouse staff for showing us so much and sharing so much.   And for all the samples as well!

Lee began the tour talking about how they use their on site lab to perform constant gluten testing.  Whereas many factories send samples out, Lee explained that with their on site lab, they can check things regularly, without relying on outside sources.

Another interesting thing we saw right away were the shelves and shelves of supplies.  Since this factory represents the only gluten free bakehouse for the entire Whole Foods chain, the supplies needed to bake the goods are enormous.  Mounds and mounds of rice flour, tapioca flour, sugar, vanilla, and more.  Then the thing that I never thought of–all of these third party supplies they purchase must also receive rigorous testing.  As you can see in the picture, they mark all the supplies with an Alexa gf test date and mark things as gluten free.

Gluten Free Extract

That's a Lot of Vanilla!

In the next part, we’ll get into a lot of the prep work behind getting those yummy gf cupcakes, breads, and more.

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