Custom Made Gluten Free Cereal

Make Your Own GF Cereal Online!

Make Your Own GF Cereal Online!

Short of Rice Chex and the Envirokids cereals, many choices do not exist for people on the gluten free diet. Recently I came across a website where you can make your own custom made cereals with a variety of flakes, fruits, and nuts. Shortly after that, we received an email from Hajo, who runs CustomChoiceCereal.com, a gluten-free cereal making business headquartered in Durham. Hajo, in the email below, discusses his business and offers a 15% discount on their cereals through December 31st for our Raleigh CelKids group.

I am aware of the difficulties families with celiacs and especially celiac children have finding a variety of tasty, safe, gluten-free cereal. To alleviate this problem, I recently founded a company that allows the customization of individual cereal mixes using an online platform that can be found at www.customchoicecereal.com. The customization process is fun and intuitive and therefore especially interesting for children.

If users can’t decide which ingredients to include in their mix, they can take a quiz on Facebook to determine their “cereal personality” by clicking on the following link: http://apps.facebook.com/quizmaker/quiz.php?quizid=50828&fromresult=1&auth_token=e7952258e392ec2a84efbd33b1f93cd6. Custom Choice Cereal is also on facebook (www.facebook.com/customchoicecereal) and updates its blog on a daily basis (www.customchoicecereal.com/blog).

As a local company based in Durham, I would greatly appreciate it if you could mention Custom Choice Cereal during the Parents’ Night Out on November 11th and/or post about the company on your blog. I would like to offer a 15% discount on all orders placed until December 31st, 2009. To redeem this discount, please use the coupon code “raleighcelkids” during checkout.

Many thanks and have a great weekend,

Custom Choice Cereal, LLC
“Gluten-free cereal mixed in a dedicated facility!”

So the girls and I just finished up making our two mixes…cinnamon granola and corn flakes with blueberries.  Check back soon with our reviews!  I do also want to point out that half the fun in this is making the cereal, but then also you get to name your own cereal!  We definitely came up with a couple creative names.  You can find more about naming on their Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/customchoicecereal?ref=ts

And don’t forget the 15% discount through December 31st.  Maybe a fun Christmas project!!

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  1. By Mike, November 17, 2009 @ 11:28 am

    We tried another companies cereal before. I think the company was out of Chicago. Similar flavors and add-ons. It is expensive, but the cereal is fresh. Not sure how this will be, but I would certainly like to try with this discount code.

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