More Gluten Free Granola


Gluten Free Grawnola

Although regular, traditional granola may not be gluten free, we continue to see more and more gluten free options.  We pick up Bakery on Main quite a lot (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=1614) and Udi’s when we can find it (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=1455).  We do not see Mrs. May’s as much as we used to (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=638), but we always can pick some up at Trader Joe’s (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=512).

At Whole Foods this weekend we found another gluten free granola, grawnola.  It comes in a variety of different flavors including Banana Coconut and a regular flavor.  You can also get grawnola bars.  When you visit their site (http://www.grawnola.com), you can also find gluten free bread crumbs and sprouted almonds.  The almonds come in Cajun BBQ and Zesty Onion.  We really hope to find those, don’t they sound good?

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