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Imagine…just for a second… Sending your Celiac child(ren) to school without packing their lunch the night before. Also imagine… Not worrying about cross contamination or your child ‘trading lunches.’

Gluten Free Menu

Thank You, I Guess, to Onslow County School…

Fortunately, some schools across the country DO set trends in offering gluten free lunches.  Unfortunately, the two listed for North Carolina are not in the Triangle (Cabarrus County near Charlotte and Onslow County near the coast).  According to a Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) newsletter shared by Pat Berger, our CelKids sponsor/advisor, more and more school districts ARE aware of the need to provide not only more healthy foods per the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act new this year, but also to all the various allergy sufferers and in the case of Celiac, autoimmune diseases.  So I checked these out.  If, at first glance, these are trendsetters, we still have a long way to go.  In the Onslow County menu (see picture), I see many things that *could* be gluten free.  But many questions remain.  Do they serve a roll with the cheeseburger, a gf one hopefully, or just plain?  Veggie/fruit–hopefully nothing breaded.  Chef Salad?  It could contain gluten…I like what they do, and do not want to be too critical, but we need more info.  For Cabarrus, I could not find the part of their site where it contained their gluten free menu. If you look at the document and the other school districts, you do see lots of great examples.  One of the Connecticut example (http://www.simsbury.k12.ct.us/uploaded/District_Content/Food_Services/Microsoft_Word_-_September_2012_Gluten_Free.pdf) does give info in each block.  Although an unbreaded mozzarella stick is just a cheese stick, right?   Hopefully we will see more from schools and daycares in the Triangle soon.  Some have talked to Wake County Schools, and they can accommodate gluten free meals, we would just like to see more information out there.  The advice though–contact the school cafeteria directly and ask for their options and procedures.  You may need to call a day or two before, as they may not make gluten free meals each day without notice.

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