Letters to Teachers

Especially with younger students, food can exist as not only nourishment in school, but as part of the lesson plan.  Think of the early elementary days of counting (fruit loops), artwork (macaroni pasta), and of course, Plah-Doh.  All of which could contain gluten.  Most parents, including ourselves, would be more than willing to send in similar gluten-free products, if we know ahead of time to do so.

So how?  How can you ensure your child’s teacher(s) know to let you know when to send in gluten free equivalents?  Especially when your child may have multiple teachers each day.  The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) saves you some of the time by their pre-made teacher letters.  One of them (http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1102560218550-261/CD+letter+to+teacher+fall+2012.pdf) really speaks to all the facets of dealing with Celiac in a pretty clear way.  Just fill in the name and you’re ready to go!  On GIG you can also find (http://www.gluten.net/Student%2006-2011.pdf) another webpage to direct teachers to for more information.  Especially when considering things like arts and crafts where Play-Doh, fingerpaints, and even some crayons could contain gluten.  Oh, and what about the paste?  Do kids still eat the paste?  Better look for the gluten-free style!

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