Mamasita! Casa Mamita Taco Shells!

More Gluten Free Taco ShellsWent to Aldi’s recently on the lookout for more gluten free options.  We found a few things and stumbled across these Casa Mamita taco shells.  In the past, we reviewed the Ortega taco shells, now gluten free (click here), and a variety of soft shells from Rudi’s, Food4Life, and Mission (corn only) (click here).  Now we found more at Aldi’s.  I like how Aldi’s labels their gluten free products–with a very clear and prominent ‘naturally gluten free.’  Makes it pretty easy and removes doubt.  We definitely appreciate that!  So we’ll take our black beans from the last post, grate some cheese, and enjoy a gluten-free taco night!

Naturally Gluten Free

Naturally Gluten Free!

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