Utz Chips

Utz Chips

Utz, With a GF Sticker!

We reviewed Utz in the past, with their huge list of gf products here: http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=utz.  The real reason I wanted to review these kettle Classics is for a story I played a role in.  At work, in a school system, I work pretty close with a director in charge of parental involvement.  Getting parent representatives of all the schools in monthly for meetings to review grading, technology, and so many other things.  These meetings occur at night, so they regularly provide snacks.  This year’s group has a Celiac parent.  An administrative assistant came to me to ask what to get.  I could say go to Food Lion or Walmart, to the gf sections.  Or just some cheese and fruit.  I also said check out the Utz chips, as most are gluten free.  She picked up this bag of chips, and I was very impressed with the gluten free sticker.  Great labeling from Utz!  Even people not familiar with Celiac can easily find gluten free items.

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