How Do Schools Handle Celiac?


Allergy Free Table

It’s the start (for Traditional, Year Round has about a month or more in already) of school across the Triangle.  Homework, tests, and school lunches will begin.  With that, a parent of Celiac’s fear of prepared lunches at school.  Even if your school, whether public or private, provides gluten free options, what about cross contamination?  What about lunch swapping between students?  What about cupcake birthday parties (do they/can they even do that anymore)?

The best policy is to scope out your child’s school.

1.  Start with the teacher.  Make it clear that this is an autoimmune DISEASE and not an allergy or intolerance.  Give them the back-to-school letters for teachers, principals, and more here.  There is another floating around that lists a ton of common snacks that are gluten free…that would probably be a good one as well, but I cannot quite find it.

2. Check out the cafeteria.  See if they serve gluten free items and ask how they prepare them.  The school cafeteria should be more than willing to show you around.  Some schools even started providing ‘allergen’ zones like in the picture.

3. Send in a gluten free sack to keep with the teacher.  A variety of gluten free snacks and treats.  You cannot hope to know a party will occur, so send in a bag of fruit snacks, maybe a gluten free frozen cupcake, individually wrapped gf cookies, and give to the teacher.  When some special event does happen, your child can receive a treat as well.

Lots of good suggestions as the school year, and living with Celiac, continue for our Cel-Kids!

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