Chuck E Cheese


The pizza, hot from the oven

We mentioned that my youngest was having her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.  Well that day came yesterday.  We had regular pizza for all the kids, except our two daughters, both with a gluten free pizza.  Pretty impressive too…as you can see in the picture, it came cooked in a bag.  Yes, they get these from their distributor.  The bag is part brown paper and part thin cellophane.  Interested, as both bags were burned and scorched, and I immediately worried about the pizza, but both were fine.  Then you also see the packaged gf pizza cutter that cut pretty well.

In the second picture you actually see the pizza.  Similar size to those at Mellow Mushroom, zPizza, and Bella Monica.  The pizza cutter is even marked gluten free.  And then, not sure if by design or not, having the pizza in the pie shell actually helps avoid any risk of some crumbs from other pizza contaminating this.

All in all, we were pretty happy with the way Chuck E. Cheese handled this.  At first I wondered if there would be enough interest, but apparently so.  Out of the three parties going on at the same time yesterday, we had two gf pizzas for our girls, and I saw one other at another table.  They also ordered the gf cupcake, which I spied coming in its own container, similar to those we saw on the Whole Foods Bakehouse tour last spring.  We opted to bring in our own cupcakes, but nice knowing the option is there.



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