American Gra-Frutti Cupcakes

Yeah, who doesn’t like chocolate or any kind of cupcakes!  The girls and I decided to be in charge of dinner and dessert for Mother’s Day.  We grilled, but needed something for dessert, so we headed to Whole Foods.  We found these seemingly yummy cupcakes in chocolate, vanilla, and these–vanilla frosting with chocolate chips.  Let me just say they may be the best gluten free cupcakes we’ve tasted yet.  Very moist, very fresh tasting, and not gritty.  Underneath the mountain of frosting there was a fudge layer, then the chocolate cake.  Wow!  Definitely a must try from Whole Foods!

American Gra-frutti is a gluten free bakery out of Georgia (http://www.agrafrutti.com/new/).  They produce a variety of cupcakes, made-to-order sheet cakes, and other gluten free baked goods in their gf bakehouse.  Another good company out there providing us options!

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