Ok, We Did It…Dominoes’ Gluten Free Pizza…


Gluten Free Maintstream Pizza?

Ok, all logic told us not to try gluten free pizza at Dominoes.  Heck, they even say themselves that there are numerous opportunities for cross-contamination and that their gluten-free pizza is not for Celiacs.  But…we wanted to try it anyway and see the sensitivity of our girls.  In the past, they would both immediately get nauseous after eating large amounts of gluten.  A rogue wheat cupcake came up as quick as it went down once (sorry for the gross image!!).

So we bought a plain gf pizza.  Our logic was and continues to be, ‘well, Mellow Mushroom, zPizza, and others could also receive cross contamination just like the others.  We brought it home, and the crust appeared to just be another frozen gf crust like everywhere else.  The difference though, is the spicier sauce and cheese.  The girls liked it, but could not eat as much as usual.  Hours and days later…no apparent side affects.

What to make of all this?  Just speaking for the sensitivity of our girls, I think we can do this every once in awhile.  I believe they may show symptoms if we continually eat this pizza, but we do not usually do this.  Once every other month is our speed.  Do I recommend other Celiacs trying this?  Probably not, unless you already judge them as not as sensitive and want to try your limits.  As I mentioned though, we do purchase zPizza and Mellow Mushroom regularly, and neither one of those prepare in a sterile environment.  Just part of the feeling-out-process of being Celiacs, as more and more restaurants and products come mainstream.

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