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Brixx Pizza–With GF Now Available

So we have been a little hit or miss posting lately. Quite a busy summer. We see lots of new gf things, take pictures, but cannot seem to find the time to post. So we’ll post now and see if we can keep it up.

Seems that when we do post anymore, we post about pizza. Today’s post is nothing less than another regular pizza joint offering a gf pizza. Now, for the sake of full disclosure, we did not pay for this pizza. We also did not eat it fresh. Our daughter had an end of the year celebration, where, of course, they served pizza. We were going to send in a pre-cooked slice of gf (usually we buy a frozen Bella Monica, although we noticed they have been getting smaller and more expensive!!!), but a friend’s mom in the class knew that Brixx restaurant in Brier Creek (see Raleigh Cel-Kids Map) offered a gluten free pizza. Brixx (http://brixxpizza.com/) is a chain with branches throughout North and South Carolina. They serve the usual fare, with wood fired pizza.

The gluten free was the usual pre-frozen crust in a medium-ish size. Nothing too fancy and nothing to write home about. Again, we did not eat it immediately, but a few hours later. As you would know, if you have kids in school, things sit out awhile sometimes, so we came home and only then ate the pizza. Definitely may have had something to do with the taste, so we would definitely like to go to the restaurant and try it there. Regardless, we just LOVE the opportunity to be shopping in so many different places and pick up gf pizza. Or to know a parent looks out for us as well.

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