New FDA Guidlines

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Yes, finally the Food and Drug Administration decided on how companies will need to label foods to qualify as gluten-free foods.  The big news that goes along with that is the attached clip from NBC Nightly News and Brian Williams.  You know Celiac and gluten-free are big when they show up on the Nightly News.  Besides some of the labeling changes that should come, the news story discussed how many people without Celiac go gluten free, as they believe it makes them feel better.  I can definitely see and understand that, and do not mind that at all.  I have talked to many folks who do not want this fad around, so companies just focus on those with Celiac.  In my opinion, we would probably not see the exploding number of products if we just relied on the 3 million US citizens with Celiac.  When you add many millions more, we see many more products, news, and items in restaurants.  The downside, of course, is when the diet fad ends, and wondering if we will see products disappear, but I guess we can deal with that when it comes!

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