Lucy’s Cookies to Go


GF Cookies to Go

Who can say no to cookies?  Especially cookies in individually wrapped (3 in a pack) packs?  You had me at cookie!

So we found Lucy’s cookies awhile ago at Whole Foods, and while we like the cookies, we really did not purchase them too often.  While shopping at BJs recently, that changed, as we found a large box of snack packs of Lucy’s cookies.  Yes, 12 packs, each containing three cookies, of chocolate chip, chocolate cookie, and maple bliss.  Very huge find!  While we can often find lots of gf products at BJs, these marked the first gluten free baked goods, to our knowledge, that we purchased there.  We can also find chips and things that are gluten free, but never specifically made gf cookies.  Very exciting!  Very yummy in lunches, travelling, or just for snacks as well!

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