Immaculate GF Cookie Dough

cookie dough

Mmm…cookie dough…

The brand kind of says it all…Immaculate.  As in gluten free, ready to pop in your mouth, cookie dough.  Another one of those holy grails that, until now, Celiacs could not readily find.  Have no fear, though, we found it!  We stopped by the North Raleigh Whole Foods to pick up a couple things and scored this in the freezer section.  Already divided gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough chunks.  Alas, the wife would not let us eat it directly from the package, we actually had to cook it this time, but I already began scheming for the next ‘Dad’s Day’ with the girls.

You can find Immaculate Baking Company at http://www.immaculatebaking.com/.  They may many ‘natural’ products, and two types of gluten free products as well.  From their regular products, such as scones in a can (which I hope they will make GF soon), you can see they focus on quality.  For their gluten free items, they sell both the chocolate chip cookie dough and gluten free fudge brownie cookie dough.  Yum!

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