Boo Berry–Gluten Free or Not?


Is it a Trick or Gluten Free Treat?

So with Halloween arriving, we get tempted by all the Halloween candy out there.  As a kid, I remember all the monster cereals quite fondly.  Boo Berry, Franken Berry, Count Chocula…how I loved how each turned my milk all the colors of the rainbow.  Now, though, it seems you can only find them at Halloween at Target and Wal*Mart stores.  Of course I wanted to give that special treat to my girls.  We know how well General Mills labels packages, as evidenced by their Chex cereals, so I was a little disappointed to see ‘May contain wheat’ even though it appears like they do not contain any gluten ingredients.

What is a parent of a Celiac to do?  Avoid it completely?  Do a test and see about a reaction?  For all the Celiacs out there, I strongly, STRONGLY advise you against what I did.  I went ahead and allowed my girls both one bowl of Boo Berry to see if they would have a reaction.  Truthfully, in our house, it is not like there is not contamination from time to time.  And then what about the take out pizzas?  Does zPizza, Mellow Mushroom, etc make their gf pizza in a vaccuum?  No, they also state the risk of possible cross contamination.   So we tried it.  Both ate a bowl without a reaction.  Then another bowl the next day.  And eventually that box disappeared like any good ghost should.  No reaction that we knew of.  Except my reaction to finding out I did not get a single bowl of it.  So another ‘science experiment’ in living with Celiacs.  Do you try things to just test your children’s sensitivity to gluten?  Not that I give them a wheat sandwich or anything, but in a gluten-less product that ‘may contain traces of wheat’, what do you do?

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