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More Pumpkin GF Snacks

It’s October, so everything we eat must contain pumpkin.  Or it sure seems like it!  Have no fear, lots of gluten free pumpkin options as well.  We recently found these Kind Maple Pumpkin Seed bars at Kroger.  We reviewed Kind granola (click here) and Kind bars (click here), so we are familiar with this brand.  Like many of the other gluten free/organic/GMO brands, they take their food products seriously.  You can read more about their philosophy on food here: http://www.kindsnacks.com/, but something that really sticks for me is this little phrase:

Ingredients you can see and pronounce

I think by living with Celiacs we definitely pay more attention to ingredients, and for that, I am thankful.  You can find so many products with so many ingredients, so I can appreciate being able to read and pronounce all the ingredients in a particular product.  Definitely good to also have said product taste good.  We usually pick up Kind bars when travelling–most Sheetz up and down the East Coast stock them.  We also pick up their granola regularly.  Now we see these multi-pack boxes of bars, we definitely like that as well.  Making seasonal products, like maple pumpkin helps as well.  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see a gingerbread next month-yum!

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