Simple Truth (Kroger Brand) Waffles


Kroger Brand Waffles

Starting to see store brand gluten free products really excites me.  We all know gluten free products cost more.  Makes you think, why?  Is rice flour any more difficult to grow and product than regular flour?  Maybe, but maybe some of these gluten free products just cornered the market and did not see competition.  Maybe now, with store brands, like Simple Truth by Kroger, we will see more competitive prices.  At the beginning of the month, we shared a great find: Kroger (Simple Truth) brand gluten free animal crackers (click here).  Priced slightly cheaper than other gf animal crackers on the shelf, and just as tasty.

On a more recent trip, we were scouring the shelves, trying to make sure we did not miss any other new gf products when we found Simple Truth gf blueberry waffles.  If you go to Kroger looking for these new products, use some caution.  Not all of the Simple Truth brand is gluten free.  They do, very clearly, label the products.  It seems like Kroger wants to do a whole ‘organic, good for you, healthy, etc’ line of products to compete more with Earth Fare, Whole Foods, and the health conscious stores out there.  But as you look, you’ll find more and more products.  These blueberry waffles come out of the toaster crispy and firm, just like a good waffle does.  They do not overpower you with the ‘fake’ blueberry taste, and they hold lots of syrup well!!

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