Happy Gluten Free Halloween!


Candy, Candy, Candy–What is Gluten Free

We are now rapidly entering that time of year when you cannot go anywhere without seeing seasonally related candy, snacks, and other food.  Tonight our Celiac children will go out into the night and return with mounds and mounds (and, hey, even Mounds or Almond Joy) of candy.  Hopefully you, like us, implement the ‘no candy until I sort through it’ rule.  We also implement the ‘trading bowl.’  As my wife or I go through and remove their ‘gluten’ candy (that goes in Daddy’s bowl!!), they get to pick a piece out of the gluten free bowl to add to their stash.

Do you also go out after Halloween to get discounted candy?  (See a good gf candy list here)  Go now–I noticed yesterday at Walgreens, they were already removing Halloween and putting up Christmas!

Safe Halloween activities to you all!

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