SamMills Gluten Free Granola Bars


Yummy PB GF Bars

So not to be a hypocrite, but in a recent post I pretty much condemned South Beach Diet GF bars.  Now I am here to commend SamMills gf peanut butter granola bars.  We’ve reviewed SamMills corn pasta in the past (click here), so now we see them branching out into granola bars.  We picked these up, as we always are on the lookout for new things for school lunches and travel.

Why the hypocrite?  I railed South Beach for the confusion of diet vs. gluten free, a conversation most Celiacs have probably had in the past.  On the one hand, people on a ‘gluten-free diet’ certainly bring more products to the market, as their numbers continue to rise, but at the same time actual Celiacs do not want to see a glut of products meant for diets.  I also mentioned that sometimes the diet products contain all types of artificial flavors, although the South Beach bars claimed no artificial flavors.  Do the SamMills bars contain any unnatural ingredients?  Well, looking at the ingredient list, peanuts make up 22% of the product.  I can pronounce all the flavors, so another good thing.  And a pretty good taste.  Definitely pick some of those up.

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